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Yoursay: ‘Goodwill spent, Dr M must stick to handover deal or lose trust’


YOURSAY | ‘I hope Mahathir doesn't resort to fish bombs to destroy the beautiful Harapan corals.’

Muhyiddin, Zahid deny signing SD on Dr-M Anwar transition

Chuen Tick: Statutory declarations in Malaysia are a dime a dozen. Those with political motivations are not worth the paper they are printed on.

That said, the plot thickens with respect to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s power transition to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Multi Racial: In the first place, this is a Pakatan Harapan matter so it does not make any sense why Umno leader Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is involved.

Secondly, all Malaysians are aware that Mahathir will have to hand over to Anwar in two years following Harapan's victory in GE14.

So if he doesn't, trust and credibility issue will be lost. Let's not dwell with this at the moment and wait for May 2020. Malaysians would like to see whether Harapan leaders will keep their promises.

Casey: For many of us, Anwar’s sense of entitlement and obsession with becoming the next prime minister is becoming phobic and fetishistic.

What makes him think that he is the only or the most suitable and qualified candidate to succeed Mahathir?

The desperation bespeaks and demonstrates to the world that all those cries of “Refomasi” were just camouflage for a self-motivated agenda.

It also has shown, bare-naked to the world, his character, predilection, weakness and susceptibility to power, and the propensity to abuse such power.

Boyeng: @Casey, the description fits Economy Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali literally.

Anonymous_1399778124: I hope Mahathir doesn't resort to fish bombs to destroy the beautiful Harapan corals.

Dear prime minister, the writing's been on the wall for some time now. The fact is you have spent all your goodwill post-GE 14. I mean, look at all the indecisiveness, the vacillating, the ‘sandiwara’ (drama), et al.

The education minister and his ludicrous education policies (UEC, etc), the incompetent cabinet, the bloated unsupportive civil service, the Azmin sex video fiasco. I could go on with a litany of failures that the broader educated Malaysian populace understands.

Mahathir, I don't blame you. It isn't your fault that the years aren't on your side. You can't carry the baby forever. It's growing and growing and getting heavier and heavier.

Let Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail take over soonest and then allow the transition to Anwar proceed seamlessly.

Malaysians expect no less. We voted for change, this very change. Malaysia must be allowed to move on. Would you, Mahathir, please move on.

Muruga: Mahathir should explicitly declare the date of the power transition and that he intends to honour the agreement prior GE14.

Otherwise, this is the outcome of PAS-Umno attacks - to divert the government from administrating the country and causing the government to stagnate.

I hope we see the sincerity in Mahathir instead of asking Umno, etc, to join Bersatu for Malay unity.

He should have done this prior GE14 instead of wooing non-Malays previously and now dumping non-Malays for Malay-only unity.

Thana55: The rakyat is supreme in this matter. It’s stupid to have a fixed date for the transition. Mahathir can and should decide the time to pass the baton.

In the meantime, Anwar must be given a real job such as the education minister to demonstrate that he can deliver. So far, the only job that I think of for him is a lecturer post in some university.

Anonymous 2405191458063842: The prime minister has just finished the last drop of any goodwill given to him. His fatal mistake is to give in to the whispering and goading from his party's members and supporters.

These people in the shadow and background fear that the party will go to shambles once he leaves. They also know that the next senior person in line is old and not in the best of health. Once these two leave the scene, Bersatu will not be the boss as it is artificially made out to be now.

The multiracial parties of PKR and DAP are the biggest and strongest parties in Harapan and it is incredible that this single-race party (Bersatu), which is the smallest party of the three, is punching far above its weight.

It managed so far because of the goodwill given to Mahathir. Now that he has exhausted all the goodwill, it's past time he hands over power. The people just do not want racist Umno types dressed in Bersatu clothing.

Make Wan Azizah the PM by next month and all the uncertainty will die down. The country can move on to the real business at hand and not focus on all these political wranglings we are having this past one year.

Kangkung: So much drama. A sex scandal, backstabbing, fake declaration and what have you. Soon we will have a good Bollywood movie script.

When will Mahathir give way to Anwar?

Anonymous 2465801491553384: I have never heard Azmin ever saying “yes” to Anwar becoming the next prime minister.

If you (Azmin) are not going for the post yourself, why don't you endorse Anwar? It is time to either endorse Anwar or say you seek the premiership yourself. We, the Harapan voters, must know your stand.

It is a shame that Mahathir is running the government as though it is his private company.

Malaysian Airlines (MAS) must not be sold to individuals and the bought back at inflated prices. It must remain a rakyat's airline. Appoint good honest people to run the airline and cancel all unfair contracts.

Anonymous_1527925538: We keep harping on this same issue again and again!

It looks like it is a strategy agreed by all the opposition parties, MCA, MIC, etc, to use this issue to keep trying to drive a wedge between Mahathir and Anwar and their supporters.

Mission Accomplished: On when Allah wants Mahathir to call it a day, your guess is as good as mine.

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