Yoursay: Our mistakes in the hunt for Jho Low



YOURSAY | ‘What is surprising is that others had also been closely following developments here.’

Manhunt for Jho Low turns into 'bear' hunt – IGP rues uncooperative foreign authorities

Jho Low obtained Cypriot passport after authorities closed in – report

Vijay47: Inspector-general of police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador, you seem very upset at the lack of cooperation you have received from foreign authorities, asking in acute exasperation, "Is that a logical excuse to be given by the authorities?"

Unfortunately for you, Abdul Hamid, that is exactly the kind of response you can expect these days from the rest of the world and the reference to bears and oxen was not a slip of the tongue.

It was just the world reminding you that the referring to members of the animal world was the necessary vocabulary to be employed when dealing with primates.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad considered himself a lord and master that the outside world would defer to as he took on a smug arrogant sneer to explain his favoured-citizen treatment of a low-class occupant of the Mumbai slums.

Encouraged by seemingly lack of disapproval from anyone, he went further by openly offending India, making his infamous “invaded and occupied Kashmir’ accusation. Like your typical schoolyard bully, Mahathir thought he had got away unscathed with his dignity intact.

But India was waiting for him, biding its time which soon struck twelve when New Delhi decided enough was enough and let the fresh fruit bunches rot in Felda.

However, what is surprising is that others had also been closely following developments here.

Mahathir’s snooty reply that “Zakir Naik has not committed any crime here” has now not only come home to roost but brought along lorry-loads of karma, not to mention bears and oxen.

I don’t know the first thing about international diplomacy, Abdul Hamid, so the only thing I can say is “Serves you and Mahathir right!”

Anonymous 2401191456463140: Abdul Hamid, let me say this gently to you: When other countries tell you fugitive Jho Low has turned into a bear, an ox, a crocodile or a guinea pig, please don’t reveal that to Malaysians.

It’s insulting. Not to us, though, but with due respect sir, they are insulting you, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Whatever and however Low looks like now, please deploy the elite squad that kidnapped pastor Raymond Koh to do the job. They are the best we have to teach those countries who defied us.

Sniper: IGP, the cardinal mistake that you made is revealing what the host state (not country, not nation, but state) told you.

They are, to use a common English term, taking the ‘piss’, which means that they have absolute disregard about Malaysia and Malaysian authorities.

That's bad enough but what is worse is your naivety in publicising their words.

What do you expect from the Malaysian public? Support? You have just revealed how the IGP of Malaysia was insultingly emasculated by some foreign state.

Think back about the smart-aleck answers the Malaysian state has been providing to our near and far neighbours on criminal repatriation matters and perhaps you now know how it feels.

Odysseus: I guess this is exactly how India felt when Malaysia refused to cooperate to send back Zakir Naik.

We also gave reasons that may not only sound ridiculous but insulting to them.

Ian2003: Is that so surprising? At least Low contributed economically to his host country but the other one in Malaysia only contributed hate speech and even have the gall to sue our MPs for questioning his presence in our country.

Pelanduk: The country that is giving permanent residency to Low values his “expertise” and wealth, just like we value Zakir for his “expertise” in comparative religion.

Low is an expert in stealing money to the tune of billions, a feat no one on earth can emulate. He can also help the leaders in his new adopted country to steal from its treasury. So, which leaders in the world do not want to adopt him?

The country should be very proud to have produced such a man with exceptional talents, not to be equalled by any known mortals.

Singlehandedly, he can rob a country of billions right in front of our nose. He could make a prime minister as his partner-in-crime. He could fly everywhere despite although many countries are after him.

Best of all is the fact that the combined expertise and intelligence of all the countries could not trace his whereabouts. Our IGP is no match to him in this game of hide-and-seek.

Clever Voter: With billions in his pocket, Low can buy any passport and residence from a number of rogue nations.

Even in some European Union (EU) countries, one can have access to permanent residence that comes with the purchase of a home to be considered as an investment.

Low has the right connections. There is a no shortage of right cables he could pull, and he was given all the time to plan and even choose.

On the other hand, efforts from the authorities have often come to nought and we need more informers and influencers.

To date, this government has made fewer friends with its strange decisions on global treaties and loose mouths, which will make such efforts even harder.

Love Malaysia 2: Despite the evidence being presented in two ongoing trials in Malaysia, and procedures against Low in various jurisdictions, he is innocent until proved guilty.

The IGP should be careful in his choice of words as they can be taken as evidence that Low will not be given fair due process in Malaysia.

Anonymous 2401191456463140: IGP, as you promised, Low will be brought home by year-end.

You have less than two months to do that. Failing which, do the honourable thing by resigning. No more excuses.

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