YOURSAY | PN photo op - a picture tells a thousand words



YOURSAY | 'No common political objective. No pact to bind them as a coalition.'

PN pow-wow reiterates backing for Muhyiddin, to strengthen cooperation

Muafakat Nasional and Bersatu met last night to discuss registering PN

Kim Quek: This ostentatious photography session and the fruitless meeting between Muafakat Nasional and Bersatu is a confirmation that four months after ruling the country, Perikatan Nasional (PN) has remained a pan of loose sand with nothing in common to bond them together - except their greed to grab power for each of them.

No common political objective. No pact to bind them as a coalition, either written or verbal, and yet they are talking about going for a snap election all the time.

Imagine the chaotic rush to grab electoral seats among them if an election is suddenly triggered by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s failure to secure majority support in Parliament.

How can this ragtag grouping of self-seekers turn into a cohesive political force when one is a party of racist kleptocrats, another a party of Islamic fundamentalists and yet another a party made up of turncoats freshly defected from other parties?

Semi Value: What can we see here in the photo? Who is the boss? There are Muhyiddin and senior minister Azmin Ali. Even Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainuddin is in the picture, but not Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan.

Even though Umno has the highest number of MPs, it’s only represented by one person, party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. But Azmin is in the picture.

So to all Umno leaders, don’t think you will come out on top even if you get more seats in the next general election.

Mafeeah: I am surprised that Umno was only represented by one person despite having the largest number of MPs, both in Muafakat Nasional and PN.

To make it worse, Bersatu was represented by three persons, despite some of their MPs were previously from Umno.

Odysseus: There are more than three parties in PN. It looks like the smaller parties are being forgotten or neglected.

These mosquito parties are being made to look like flower pots for decorative purpose. Better to jump ship now or hang around to be insulted later on.

Anonymous_ 4030: Fourteen party presidents have no problem supporting Muhyiddin as the PM. But 4+1 parties in Pakatan Harapan have been fighting over the PM candidate since 2018.

Clever Voter: Race-based politics have hit a high point with the possibility of a Malay-only coalition versus a multiracial coalition.

When the world is moving towards a greater tolerance towards minorities in a diverse environment, this country has become a trendsetter in institutionalising racism.

How this has come about is predictable, and it is only because parliamentary democracy had become a scam for crooked politicians to use race and religion to pursue self-serving needs and greed. Parliament has become a trading house to do horse-trading.

We have gone past the tipping point and parties that can tip the balance to better decide for their own sake as well as the nation too.

Bobby0: From a man who had sacrificed his principle by grabbing power through the backdoor to a man who had stood the test of time. A man who would have saved his many years of imprisonment and be a wealthy man by walking away from politics a long time ago.

From a man who joins hands with the same bunch of looters who nearly destroyed this nation to a man who had fought against corruption and faced the brickbats for it.

Why, PAS leader (Mohd) Amar (Nik Abdullah), the fear in your heart? Why the fear of PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim remaining in the opposition?

Fear that all the antics of the PN government will be exposed in the public domain? Fear that the exploits of the PN politicians grabbing all the spoils of war as the nation and its people suffer because of unemployment and financial distress?

Fear what Anwar will reveal to the public as the PN politicians fatten themselves with all the choicest of the perks and benefits, while the poor rakyat find difficulties even putting two meals on the table for their families?

Fear that Anwar will expose the antics of the PN administration of wasting so much time in politicking, instead of finding employment for the many that have lost their jobs?

Fear that foreign investors will keep away from our shores as they see the guilty walking free and the innocent hauled up by the authorities?

Fear that even local investors may decide to move away to other pastures, where they will be treated better than to be looked down and humiliated at every turn?

Fear that in two years’ time Anwar will return as the people turn against the PN administration for failing them miserably?

Anwar has more principles than all the combined band of PN politicians.

Fair Play: The key is not what PN would do - seat negotiation as well an official registration as a coalition - but what PKR/DAP/Amanah/Warisan should do now.

What Harapan Plus should do must include the following:

1) Get rid of the old fox - he is causing a rift between PKR and Amanah/DAP/Warisan.

2) The first priority is to be prepared and stay united as a strong coalition against PN in GE15.

3) If it’s not possible to form the next government, at least be a strong opposition.

It is very unlikely that neither Dr Mahathir Mohamad nor Anwar, or even both, could get the magic number of 112 MPs to remove Muhyiddin.

Even if they could, by the act of God, Muhyiddin still holds the ace card by seeking an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to dissolve the Parliament.

If DAP/Amanah/Warisan still harbour the idea of including the old fox, the coalition without PKR would likely be decimated in GE15.

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