YOURSAY | All eyes on vote to remove House speaker, deputy speaker



YOURSAY | ‘When the no-confidence motion is brought up, Muhyiddin's appointed speaker will not allow it.’

Ex-law minister: PM's motion replacing speaker to dodge no-confidence vote

The Wakandan: It is obvious that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is consolidating his position considering how precarious it is.

Anybody in his position who did what he did would do the same - building a fortress with whatever means and with whatever power at his disposal. It would be stupid if he is not doing it. What else can you expect?

PinkCarp5707: Muhyiddin is doing a great job thus far. Covid-19 was handled well, together with the Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

If he wants his men to be the speaker and deputy speaker of Dewan Rakyat just to ensure that the country is run without constant interruption, so be it. Just let him and his team do their job until the next GE.

The people are sick and tired of the constant changes in the government. Muhyiddin has successfully stabilised it with his moderate, inclusive and people-centric policies.

We have seen what Najib Abdul Razak and Dr Mahathir Mohamad have done. Now we want to see what Muhyiddin could do. So far so good.

Clever Voter: There are differences between the current regime and the one they replaced. The latter tried to follow rule of law, while the current is more street smart, break the rules and worry later.

In politics, it is a dirty business. The Muhyiddin regime is no different. He prefers to go with despicable characters, whose greed is never-ending. Whatever it is, they will be around for quite a while.

Xiao Zhu: Dewan Rakyat speaker Mohamad Ariff Mohd Yusof is one of the better speakers in our Parliament. To remove him is a disgrace to the nation.

Headhunter: The reason is simple. When the "no confidence" motion is brought up, Muhyiddin's appointed speaker will not allow it. End of the story.

Hang Babeuf: If Mahathir, Anwar and the rest of their pathetic gaggle cannot see their way clear to get together and stand firm against Muhyiddin and his fickle, treacherous backers - including Azmin Ali and the Umno/PAS consortium - the nation and its citizens are damned, condemned to a protracted political purgatory.

And why can they not get together? It is clear. The reasons are trivial, infantile, ego-driven and worthless. They should get together or get out of the way. Let those who can manage to pull things together to save the situation do so.

This is the 11th hour, the last moment. It is time for everybody to climb down from their ego-towers and power-nafsu fortresses. It is time to moderate and overcome their implacability, their rival implacabilities, in the national interest.

It is time to be responsible, to act responsibly. It is time for everybody there "on that side", all of them, to grow up.

FairMalaysian: Maybe if Anwar had been the PM instead of Mahathir, there is a likelihood that Harapan maybe still in Putrajaya.

Mahathir was focusing on his business of entertaining leaders of PAS, Umno and Azmin. He got carried away by repeated accolades from them and they pulled the rug out from under his feet.

Where can you see such a mastermind - he wanted Bersatu to be the real "ruler" but keep Anwar away from the PM post. In the end, he lost everything. This may be the end of Mahathirism brand of politics and most probably, the end of the road for Mukhriz too.

PAS submits motion of confidence for Muhyiddin

Clever Voter: Cheap publicity again. One politician has come up to say the government is stable, others have called for fresh elections instead. PAS leader Takiyuddin Hassan is no different. He too has an agenda.

Ultimately all of his friends, both PAS and Umno, have an ulterior motive - to lay their hands on a shrinking economic pie but still good enough to serve their greed and selfishness.

Fredtan: These PAS politicians are good at backdoor tactics. They use that on their enemies (Harapan), and now they want to use the same dirty trick on an ally (Bersatu).

What is the difference of "motion of confidence" and a "motion of no confidence”?

In the end, if Muhyiddin has not enough votes, Perikatan Nasional (PN) government will collapse, and thus a snap election - just as what Umno and PAS would want.

Kuniyo: The game is on. Confidence vote is another form of no-confidence vote. If it failed, it shows that Muhyiddin did not have confidence in parliament and he has to go.

Either a new PM will be chosen among the MPs or an election is called.

We know Mahathir and his supporters will vote against this motion. What about Anwar and his supporters? Will they vote to support Muhyiddin?

Anwar may not have support to be PM, but he is strong enough to be kingmaker.

Hang Babeuf: Technically, under the old formal rules of meetings and the like, you can only move a motion of no-confidence, not a motion of confidence.

Otherwise, people might forever and endlessly move motions of confidence, and in that way delay and hold up the management of all continuing routine business.

So, if PAS wants to find a way to express confidence in Muhyiddin and his PN vehicle of government, they must themselves move, or find somebody who is genuinely inclined to move, a motion of "no confidence".

Doing that can prove a double-edged sword. You have to think twice, and carefully. That is why the standard rules of meetings were set up and written in that way.

Two Come Out: Yes, PAS is up to its old tricks again. The last time they were doing this to support Mahathir, he got kicked out of office

Maybe they planning to do the same here.

Kunta Kinte: I love this one. Let say your motion of confidence is passed. Then comes Mahathir’s motion of no confidence, which is also passed. Then how?

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