The Malaysian race dichotomy - imagined or real?

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | It is indeed very puzzling if not irritably confusing.

The racial "divides", racial "sensitivities", racial "quotas" etc. that seem to make the news all the time is taking an upbeat.

But where you live and work and play, you see Malaysians intermingling between the various races rather almost effortlessly.

You see this on the walkways, in public transport, eateries and office corridors.

But the news pages tell a different story.

Politicians are preoccupied with racial divides and pronouncing calls for "tolerance" every other day.

Be it economics, social or even environment - the political twist to all these paradigms is almost always one of racial tones if not religious alarm.

All these dichotomy pictures that we are witnessing with increasing ferocity sets us thinking.

Either our politicians and news bearers are completely detached from the reality at the ground level or citizens are living in a superficial make-believe harmony world.

Well, one truth that is slowly emerging is that Malaysians are increasingly growing tired of this encroachment into their social space where people find comfort and solace in mixed communities - be it at work or leisure.

Hopefully, the media can play a champion's role in giving the public more space and lines to make the news and edge out politicians who are hell-bent on showing off racial "discords", "sensitivities" and "intolerance".

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