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Justice sacrificed on altar of political expediency

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YOURSAY 'It is a shame that the word 'Allah' is causing confusion in Malaysia only and no other parts of world, including Saudi Arabia.'

'Stop being judges if you can't uphold constitution'

your say, YoursayLamborghini: This is a black day for religious freedom in Malaysia and a black eye for the judiciary.

For the judges to say that "(the word) 'Allah' is not an integral part of the Christian faith" is an insult to all Christians, especially to the natives in East Malaysia and the Orang Asli who are the true sons of the soil in Malaysia. It is nothing short of blasphemy.

And what about the Sikhs who also use 'Allah' for their god? Judges should stick to points of law and not speak as uneducated theologians. This is a decision that is unjust, shameful and brings the judiciary into disrepute and cause the rakyat of the minorities to lose faith and respect in the judiciary.

Everyone who has eyes to see and minds to think knows that this is not a theological issue but a political issue clothed in religious garb to promote the political agendas of certain political organisations and groups.

And don't ever forget that ultimately, they will have to face the justice and wrath of god, who is the only true judge.

Boycott MSM: It is a shame that the word 'Allah' is causing confusion in Malaysia only and no other parts of world, including Saudi Arabia. Why?

Malaccan: Those who ask Christians not to use the word 'Allah' must remember the Sikhs also use it. What word should they use now? Should they also rewrite their scriptures?

Like the judges, those well-meaning people cannot decide for others what they believe and how they should worship god, just for the convenience of others.

Christians are not adamant for the sake of one word. Truly it does not define the Christian faith. However, it speaks of mutual respect that holds our society together, and for not allowing one segment to bully and trample on others.

Worldwide, the church has time and again gone underground when it was persecuted. It can be like that in Malaysia today. The court cannot get rid of or limit a faith that has endured 2,000 years of worse treatment.

The court has done damage to Malaysia and injured its people. Where do we stand as a nation now, and among the community of nations, if not as a despotic country?

Sirach: These judges have sacrificed justice on the altar of political expediency. To subordinate the just interests of the minority to the unjust demands of a rabid and vocal segment of the majority sets a dangerous precedent. A black day for justice indeed.

Speechless: When judges do not interpret and decide according to the law, but bend to the will of their political masters, the country has lost all hope.

Kairos: Now that the court has ruled that the word 'Allah' is the sole right of Muslims, does it mean that from now onwards, those non-Muslims who choose to use the word ‘Allah' are flouting the law?

They can't even say it applies only to Peninsular Malaysia only because the law is the law. So what is the government going to do with the bumiputera Christians in Sabah and Sarawak who continue to address their god as Allah?

Are the police or Islamic religious authorities going to storm the churches during their worship services arresting all and sundry? I wish they will be moronic enough to do that because history shows that the church thrives on persecution.

More than ever before, the Sabahans and Sarawakans must rise up and be counted. Please don't be silent and cowardly.

EmEmKay: Today, the Court of Appeal judges have opened Pandora's box that will turn out to have severe and far-reaching consequences for Christians, Sikhs and Hindus in Malaysia.

Senior Citizen: The issue here is that all the three judges in the Court of Appeal were Malay-Muslims. It has been obvious from day one what the outcome of the decision would be.

They went ahead to satisfy the noisemakers, mainly Perkasa. The decision was not a judicial decision but rather a noisemakers' decision.

It looks like our courts can never give a judgment that concerns the welfare of the Christians or for that matter, any other religious group. Are our judges guilty of racial and religious discrimination?

I hope some wise guy somewhere in Saudi Arabia will take this same issue to the Saudi court and let's see what the judgment would be. Personally, I have lost total faith in our judiciary. This is a Taliban court.

FairGame: They have followed the script to the dot. Past judgments have proven again and again the same pattern: In Round 1, they let you win, but it will be short lived. On appeal, they will reverse the decision.

Need we go through this carousel process time and time again to wise up to their game?

Bamboo We see Umno's fingerprints everywhere, meddling in everything for the sake of preserving power. This 'Allah' issue was a non-issue until Umno started to use it to garner votes from the Malays.

Umno will destroy every good thing in Malaysia. Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's nonsensical comment is made out of political expediency, nothing else. He is a disgrace to sully the good names of his grandfather and father.

Anak JB: I had been singing the Johor state anthem since from Primary 1 to Upper Secondary school, which adds up to 13 years of all non-Muslim Johoreans breaking the law.

Allah peliharakan Sultan

Anugerahkan dia segala kehormatan

Sihat dan ria, kekal dan makmur

Luaskan kuasa, menaungkan kami

Rakyat dipimpini berzaman lagi

Dengan Merdeka bersatu hati

Allah berkati Johor

Allah selamatkan Sultan

Odin: Lawyer Syahredzan Johan et al, doubtless you know that the Federal Constitution that some judges uphold is in a form totally alien to that you and we outside the legal fraternity understand it to be.

Sometimes, it can assume the form of a multi-billion ringgit government contract - awarded to companies registered under their wives' names, of course.

As for those Christian ministers, elected by the populace or brought in through the back door, they have a new Allah, which is commonly represented by such signs as $, RM, €, £, and ¥.

When they exclaim "Praise the Lord" with their eyes closed, heads turned up, and hands raised towards the heavens, they see with their mind's eye any of those signs. Yes, they have been transformed into Chri$tian$. Note the signs in the word.

Mohamad Abdul Malik: How are the judges going to judge? They will always be accused of favouritism and not following the constitution which ever way they judged.

East Malaysians have been using the word for decades. The Sikh community too has been using the word for centuries. Did anybody bother then? Was there a hue and cry from the Muslims? Why was it only now that things came to a boil?

Because you do not take religious disputes to court. Legally the church may be right. But if for centuries no Christians has used the word in Peninsular Malaysia, why do you need to use it now?

Tell the Truth: Over to the MPs on both sides of the divide who call themselves Christians as well as the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

Mind you, it is for your sakes that all Malaysians are fighting for you, because the non-Bahasa speaking Christian community does not have to use that word as our bibles are not written in Bahasa.

So how you take it is totally up to you. We on our part have done all we can and continue to do so, but the move has got to come from yourselves, Sabahans and Sarawakians.

As far as Umno is concerned, East Malaysia is their colony and they can do whatever they like, so thank you very much for voting them back into power because this is the crap - and more of it to come - that you will be getting from them.

Imagine, just a small group of Umno gangsters can hold a whole nation to ransom.

The Patriot: Why should the Sarawakians and Sabahans complain, especially the Dayaks and Kadazan Dusun?

You should be having massive street feasts to celebrate, since that's what you wanted. As without you, this very government wouldn't be there. But you chose to make that choice.

Cogito Ergo Sum: It is judgments like these that makes one miss the likes of the late Mohd Suffian, Eusofee Abdulcadeer, Chang Min Tat, Fred Arulanamdam and a host of others who have gone.

These men upheld the law, kept excesses of the legislative and executive in check and provided a forum for the common man to get judicial redress. No longer is justice blind, but it is deaf, dumb and mute.

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