PM: I've no idea about 1MDB money laundering
Published:  Jun 9, 2015 4:00 AM
Updated: 11:47 AM

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said he has no knowledge about any alleged money laundering activities by 1MDB.

"The accusation by certain parties that money laundering occurred is for the auditor-general and Public Accounts Committee to address in their comprehensive reports.

"However, I would like to state that I had no knowledge of any money laundering by 1MDB.

"Should anyone be found guilty of money laundering, they will be brought to justice," said Najib ( photo ) in the third instalment of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) uploaded onto his blog yesterday.

His response comes after former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad ( photo ) in a blog posting on May 28 questioned  whether 1MDB was involved in money laundering.

Mahathir raised this after Najib in a parliamentary written reply dated March 10 said 1MDB's funds was kept in Singapore instead of Malaysia to  facilitate withdrawals  as any transaction above RM50 million required Bank Negara's approval.

In the FAQ, Najib also insisted that the public should not pass judgement about 1MDB until after the auditor-general's probe is concluded.

Previously, Mahathir had called Najib "silly" for asking the public not to talk about 1MDB until after the probe, likening it to someone being robbed but is unable to talk about the incident until after the court case.

Silly to judge 1MDB based on rumours

However, Najib said this is necessary for people to get their facts right.

"Given how sensational and politicised the 1MDB issue has become following various ‘exposes’ and ‘revelations’ on certain suspect websites and third party news portals as well as attacks from veteran politicians, it is almost impossible for the management of 1MDB or anyone else to explain various parts of the issue without seeing their statements being spun, twisted and exaggerated by parties with ulterior motives.

"That is why a full accounting of the facts by lawful authorities are needed so that there can be no misinterpretation or spin.

"Allowing the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and auditor-general to present the facts in full will put us all in a better position to determine what transpired," he said.

Najib ( photo ) added that to date, there is no proof that anyone "had been robbed".

"Does that mean we should spread rumours and speculation and move to oust the country’s leaders if instant answers are not provided, rather than getting a true account of what has transpired?

"I also want answers quickly but if we don't allow the authorities to provide us with the information in a proper and legal manner, how can the government take action against anyone who is found guilty?

"Is the government supposed to base its actions and prosecutions on wild allegations and tabloid exposes? Now that would be silly," he said in an apparent reference to Mahathir.

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