Umno blogger: PM to get tough and sack Muhyiddin
Published:  Jun 9, 2015 9:45 AM
Updated: 12:14 PM

Umno blogger Shabudin Husin claimed that the recent Saudi Arabian visit by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is a prequel to a cabinet reshuffle in Putrajaya.


Najib, who was accompanied by two Umno vice-presidents  - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin Hussein – performed the umrah and attended several events there during his visit which he made despite an earthquake in Sabah.


Shabudin claimed speculation is now rife that Najib is now consolidating his position and will soon move to sack those those who can’t defend him during his current troubled political times.


“Even in peacetime, what more when a major political storm is brewing following rampant criticism from former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it is very awkward for a PM to bring two Umno vice-presidents at one go to accompany him for the umrah - unless there are matters to be agreed upon within themselves in the holy land,” he wrote in his blog today.


Najib ( photo ) left Malaysia on June 6, a day after the whole country mocked him for not showing up for his own dialogue session at the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur where Mahathir was present.

At the same time, more than 10 people were announced dead with hundreds of people were stranded at the Mount Kinabalu Park after a 5.9 richter scale earthquake shook the highest peak in the country.


Shabudin predicted that Najib will sack Muhyiddin Yassin from his deputy prime minister's post as he could be detrimental to Najib's continued future as prime minister.

He speculated that Ahmad Zahid will takeover as the deputy while Hishamuddin will be given the powerful finance portfolio.

“Najib can no longer hold his patience with Muhyiddin’s attitude which he perceives to be not quite loyal and inconsistent towards him especially after the 1MDB issue blew up,” said the blogger.

Psychological warfare pointer

Another Umno vice-president - Shafie Apdal – elaborated Shabudin will also be transferred from his rural and regional development ministerial post to another less important ministry in order to diminish his influence.


Shafie has publicly dismissed suggestions that the entire cabinet is collectively responsible over 1MDB's problems following Najib asking  cabinet members who were not on the same page with him over 1MDB to resign .


Shabudin also said  his crystal ball showed other names to be welcomed back into the Cabinet such as Johor Bahru MP Shahir Samad and Ketereh MP Annuar Musa, both who have defended Najib regarding the 1MDB issue.


He said Najib’s team have also decided that it was now time for them to go on the offensive and attack their detractors and generally act tougher in order to save his leadership.


“A government agency who specialises in psychological warfare was said to have met Najib and suggested sacking Muhyiddin ( photo ) from the government with the excuse of ‘defending time is over,’” Shabudin revealed.


Before today's blog post, Shabudin had also speculated that Muhyiddin will receive a ‘ big welcome ’ when he came back to Kuala Lumpur from overseas on June 2 to announce he would openly challenge Najib.


However, only about 30 of his supporters were there and Muhyiddin remained silent about any challenge.

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