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PM’s accounts - Umno man defends the indefensible

YOURSAY ‘It goes to show the quality of people Najib surrounds himself with.’


WSJ didn't implicate PM, says Tajuddin


Doc: The report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) never implicated Najib, but instead implicated 1MDB, said Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.


He said his interpretation of the WSJ report led him to understand that 1MDB was alleged to have transferred the money. I suggest that Tajuddin refrained from reading the WSJ as it may be too much for him to digest, let alone understand.


Also the English used in the WSJ maybe too difficult for a person like Tajuddin to comprehend. So I suggest that Tajuddin stick to Utusan Malaysia for his dose of Malaysian and international news which caters to people like him.


Anonymous_1421806811: It goes to show the quality of people Najib surrounds himself with. No wonder the country is being so badly managed.


It would have been better for Tajuddin to condemn the WSJ outright than to present his own weird interpretation. Seriously, which university did he graduate from? Can they stop embarrassing themselves?


Now I understand how easily it is for Najib to fool his ministers. With such people you can say the blackboard is white, and these people will say it is white.


Iiiizzzziiii: This is one minister who has buried his head in the sand for too many years. So, what is the relationship between PM and 1MDB?


The onus is on PM to refute the allegation and to take the necessary steps to contain the fallout, but he is maintaining his customary elegant silence.


He could have say that he is directing all the relevant government agencies to look into this specific allegation. He did not summon the AG (attorney-general), MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), Bank Negara governor, IGP (inspector-general of police), etc, to investigate. The question is why? Unless he knows something which many don't.


The best part is none of these government agencies come out to defend the country’s honour and integrity. Perhaps they too know something and maybe are lead into believing that it is impossible to defend the indefensible.


Wira: Who is the idiot who asks us to wait for Najib to sue WSJ? It will never happen because WSJ will never report such news if they don't have the proof that the money landed in that account as reported.


The PM was supposed to announce that he would sue WSJ on Sunday. I doubt that suit would ever happen.


Please get Bank Negara and Ambank to come out with a denial that the money was never transferred to the personal accounts of the prime minister.


Don't ask 1MDB to prove anything. They are totally untrustworthy. They couldn't even tell the truth, until today, what exactly were transferred to Singapore from the Cayman Islands.


Toffeesturn: This is really embarrassing to see our ministers, deputy ministers and even the prime minister speaking a language I'd like to call "Umnoyu."


The minute they open their gabs they expose their stupidity or crookedness, it is one or the other. For instance, the allegation is that the money was transferred into Najib's personal account.


Najib did not deny that, instead he says, "I did not use any state funds for my own personal use." Nobody has alleged that yet, the allegation was that the money had gone into his own personal account.


It is akin to asking Najib, "Hey Najib, what is your age?" and he answers, "I am married to Rosmah Mansor."


To learn to speak "Umnoyu" fluently you require one of two qualifications, you should be either absolutely a person full of deceit, or have a retarded brain. You'll notice the people giving the answers fall between these two categories.


Anonymous 122461436161429: Tajuddin certainly is not very bright and has not sought any advice before shooting off his mouth.


Firstly, why is the PM above the law and to be given special treatment when a crime has been allegedly committed? Secondly, if the article does not implicate the PM but implicates 1MDB, why should the PM sue WSJ and for what?


CQ Muar: I wouldn't waste precious time and space commenting on this outstanding, brainless goon and crony of Umno by the name of Tajuddin.


He is added into Najib's overloaded and bloated department to waste public (taxpayers') money. All he can do is to utter meaningless statement and support his boss.


Hang Babeuf: Why must Najib go? Because of the simple principle of responsibility. It happened "on his watch", while he was PM. He is the man at the top.


The buck stops with him. Leaders take responsibility. People who do not are not leaders but poseurs.


Roar For Truth: Now I understand why no Umno leader except former Selangor MB Harun Idirs has been jailed for corruption. Tajuddin's understanding of corruption is very insightful.


The giver is the guilty party, the receiver is always innocent.

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PM’s accounts - Umno man defends the indefensible

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