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'Bravo' for making MPs look like criminals

YOURSAY ‘Some MPs get closed-door meetings. Others get no-door ones.’


No 'room' for MPs to discuss WSJ in Parliament

FairMind: I think the photograph of the MPs shut out from Parliament and sitting down in a parking lot is more powerful than any words that had been used to describe the 1MDB scandal.


It is a sight to behold in Malaysia, in every country of the world and in every democratic circle.


It will attract even more attention than had the MPs held the discussion in the comfort of Parliament. It has accentuated the injustices and the double standards of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Parliament speaker, BN MPs and in particular, PM Najib Razak.


It shows every BN MP has everything to hide.


Anonymous_1419577444: The Parliament is the august House for lawmakers to meet and discuss issues of national importance. How is it that the police can stop lawmakers from meeting there?


Goldee: I salute the police force for putting up the roadblock to prevent the lawmakers from holding the meeting on 1MBD. Bravo to the police force who made the lawmakers look like criminals.


Eagle: When our own MPs have to squat around instead of debating this important motion in Parliament, it shows the how low the ruling BN has sunk.


It is a real shame especially when the ruling government dare not debate the issue. Please ask yourself, are you for the nation or for Najib?


Headhunter: They think that barring the MPs will stop them from meeting? An avalanche has already started and Najib has no power to stop it. He is going to be buried by it soon.


Whatsup: Why is Bugis warrior so afraid of former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad if he has nothing to hide? Now we are doubly sure, he has everything to hide.


What are the police doing in Parliament restricting access to certain places? Has the IGP (inspector-general of police) no respect for the lawmakers - if he is not aware, this is the very place laws are passed for him to enforce, and he can't do as he and his master please.


TC Chan: The speaker has control over Parliament and its surrounds. Police can only be there at his request, I think. So where is he?


MPs sang praises of him over his abortive resignation and gave him unstinting support. But he won't even give you a room to meet the NGOs.

Anon1: We are a failed democracy. Period. An autocracy by a kleptocrat has taken over the country for some time already.


The United Nations and all those international defenders of democracy are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who'll only interfere if it's economically viable for them.


Apache: Still no point-by-point denial on the allegations after so many days? Still considering your options to sue The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on such a malicious disclosure?


Still trying to stay silent and hoping the issue will disappear when you wake up the next day? Still buying time to cling on to your positions?


Sinan Belawan: Which government of the day will allow a handful of opposition lawmakers and NGOs to use the Parliament to bring down a sitting PM (and the government of the day as well)?


The opposition parties and NGOs have their own buildings. Or they can rent a hall.


Appum: All these learned people are MPs, elected by the people, of the people, for the people and yet they can't use their august House to discuss a critical issue where the ruling government of the day has been accused of a huge and direct corrupt action.


Mind you, this group of MPs represents 53 percent of the popular votes at the last general election. Does the Parliament House then belong exclusively to Umno-BN?


Is it another "personal account" thing here? The assets of the general public and the rakyat belong privately to Umno-BN?


The rakyat seek true answers and if they cannot get it directly from the Parliament where else do you expect them to get it?


When they get it from WSJ or Sarawak Report , Umno-BN protested vehemently that we are getting news from Jews and foreigners ganging up to topple the government.


Well Thats Fantastic: BN is acting like a despotic government already. Isn't there a law against preventing elected members from carrying out their duties?


Ericomc: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said BN MPs are against the emergency meeting to discuss the 1MDB controversy.


Does this include the Parliament speaker and deputy speaker who are supposed to be impartial and above politics? Is this how we demonstrate to the world that Malaysia has the best democracy?


FairMind: The police should be catching the mother of all thieves instead of preventing the members of parliament from discussing the alleged thievery.


Do the Right Thing: Some MPs are given closed-door meetings. Other MPs are given no-door meetings.

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