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YOURSAY ‘Please spare us that pathetic excuse. No one is indispensable...’

Samy: M'sia won't survive if PM made to go on leave


Sirach: Former MIC president S Samy Vellu speaks for no one these days except perhaps his son, Vell Paari, who also commented recently in support of the PM.


Nobody is suggesting that the PM is guilty but the evidence stacked against him looks very credible. And his refusal to deny outright that RM2.6 billion was deposited into his personal bank accounts does not augur well.


Yet Samy, going against the weight of all the evidence, proclaims the PM's innocence. Does he know something that the rest of us don't? Not likely.


He's just sucking up in the remote hope that his son will be able at some point to take over the mantle at MIC is my guess.


Remember how he used to kiss the ground that Dr Mahathir Mohamad walked on, and so stayed on as MIC boss for far too long, with little to show as far as the lot of the Indians is concerned.


But, seriously, does anyone really care about MIC, MCA and the rest of the so-called BN. BN is smokescreen for Umno Baru, which by most accounts is tainted beyond repair in the eyes of most Malaysians.


Aries46: If people like Samy start giving their two cents worth in the name of defending PM Najib Razak, the people are going to draw a parallel between them and Najib, which would in all likelihood hasten his exit.


In Najib's own interest, he should distance himself from these bygone leaders who were rejected by the people.


Negarawan: “I think if every time something happens we ask the prime minister to take leave, the country won’t survive," said Samy.


No Samy, it is you who won't survive because you depend on the gravy train.


Sadiron: This is not rocket science. Najib has only to admit whether or not the money - the RM2.6 billion - did go into his accounts in AmBank as alleged.


Whether he profited from it or not is not the issue. If the task force confirms this, then Najib’s goose is cooked.


Fairnsquare: The whole issue is getting more confusing that everyone has forgotten about the solution.


Najib has not denied taking the money but has stressed that he did not take any money for his own benefit. He should be given a chance to explain this clearly to the rakyat.


As for losses incurred due to bad investments, these must be accepted as investments can always go either way. We need an explanation of these losses, have them quantified and accept our failure. We should not solely blame the PM.


The PM must quickly appoint finance minister of international repute, such as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. This would help the ringgit stabilise and also bring much needed confidence to the Malaysian economy.


The PM should stop getting involved in the politics of the matter, which his Umno members are messing up with contradictory actions and statements, creating more damage.


Malaysians are a forgiving lot. We need to move on.


Not Convinced: Yes, we need to move on but not before those responsible for the alleged ‘heist of the century’ are punished. Indeed, Najib has been given the chance to explain the issue, time and again, but he opted not to do so.


Mushiro: Samy does not understand right from wrong. How will the subordinate of an accused investigate an accused? Malaysia will do better when an honest man takes over as PM.


Justine Gow: Yes, how can the investigation of an alleged wrongdoing be fair or perceived to be fair if the investigating body is reporting to the very person who may be connected to the wrongdoing?


Any PM in Japan in the same situation as the Bugis warrior would have already stepped down by now.


The resignation may need not be because he is directly involved in any wrongdoing, but it may be just to show that he is a honourable person who takes responsibility for the mess of something that is under his watch.


Worried Sick: Samy is one lucky man. He was not charged with anything when he left office. Thousands of poor Indians all over the country are cursing him (even in their graves) regarding the Maida fiasco and the Telecom shares.


During his time, his thugs controlled all his meetings and if members asked any questions pertaining to Maida, they got whacked.


Look at this man today - a pathetic figure begging for respect and attention. He may delude himself thinking that with his ministerial position (as special envoy of Infrastructure to India and Southern Asia), he can command respect from the masses but he will never be respected.


Third World: Is Najib the best that the country can offer? If so, there is not much hope for the country.


He is the PM as well as the finance minister and the people investigating him over a potentially very serious offence are all reporting and answerable to him.


So how can the investigation be seen to be fair and independent as well as without fear and favour?


In any other country deserving of respect, this person under such investigation would have gone on leave as part of its standard operating procedure. What an embarrassment.


Anonymous #07443216: Samy, please spare us that pathetic excuse. No one is indispensable, the world will still revolve with or without Najib and you.


Life will go on but Najib is still answerable to all those allegations, whether you like it or not.


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