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Thais, M'sians in smear campaign against website

YOURSAY Sarawak Report cannot defend itself if no evidence is shown.’


'I showed tampered email, now show me yours'


FellowMalaysian: Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown has made a starkly clear and sensibly-explained rebuttal of the government's insinuations that her website had tampered on the gamut of emails originating from PSI (PetroSaudi International) and 1MDB. 


Rewcastle has taken the trouble and pain to explain how she could only have left the documents 'in pristine condition'.


Will the government own up to its accusations before she dislodges the 400GB of damning data for everyone to savour?


Lamborghini: Well said and well done, Clare. Those who have nothing to hide and are on the side of truth will never be afraid of lies, deceptions, insinuations and half-truths. Ultimately, those who sow lies and deception will reap shame, guilt and embarrassment.


Truth-loving Malaysians are thankful to you and others like you who have helped to expose corruption and abuse of power that is destroying our beloved country.


Despite of all the allegations against you by those who do have something to hide or something to prove on behalf of their political masters, you can hold your head high with pride and dignity, knowing that God is always on the side of those who speak the truth and uphold the truth.


God bless you and protect you, and give you strength to continue to fight for the truth.


Anonymous #754893657: Nobody in the right state mind will play a waiting game if there is strong evidence of tampering.


The Umno-led government would have immediately taken action if this is so. The government is just buying time and is creating a state of confusion in justifying their ill-gotten wealth.            


Saphire: All these finger-pointing as to who is the real liar can be stopped by one person: PM Najib Razak.


If he is truly honest and sincere to the people, he should forward all the evidence to counter the allegations against him. Malaysians are getting frustrated by his irritating silence on this issue.


In fact, it does not take much effort to furnish the evidence against these allegations. He knows too well, but prefers to play dumb for reasons best known to him.


Is he doing justice to the country and king by allowing this scandal to drag on? Investments might be affected. Confidence in the country is waning. Get this issue solved, once and for all.


Azzat Kamaludin: Indeed, I thought one of the issues raised, i.e the RM2.6 billion allegedly banked into the PM's accounts, and which the PM has not denied but said that it was not "for personal use", could be easily solved.


Just account for the disbursements of the RM2.6 billion and the Malaysian public can decide whether it was for personal use or not - where did it go and show acknowledgment receipts by those who received them.


The other criminal aspects, and there are many arising from the transactions, could be looked into later.


Mushiro: It is becoming obvious that 1MDB, PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), the Malaysian media and the Thai police are in unison desperately trying to save Najib.


Onyourtoes: The Thai police are playing the same game. What can you expect from a country where the government is illegitimate and the police force is infamous for corruption.


We are all faced with a situation where the con men are also very powerful people. They conned, colluded and swindled, and now they are twisting and turning to create diversions.


I have said it a hundred times already - the truth is already blatantly clear. The police, the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and Bank Negara could have asked AmBank Islamic to confirm the transactions in two minutes.


These people are already walking around with their hands stuck in the cookie jars. Investigations, whether here or in Thailand, are just red herrings for nincompoops.


Not Convinced: By not showing the so-called ‘tampered’ information, which the Thai police said is “small but important”, they are working in cahoots with the Umno-led government in a smear campaign against Sarawak Report .


Obviously, Sarawak Report cannot defend itself if no evidence is shown. And that’s the aim of such a campaign.


Sali Tambap: So, what is the correct version (of the e-mails)? 1MDB and the PM, it is your chance now to exonerate yourselves. The ball is on your court.


If you cannot defend yourself then the imputed guilt is on you. There is no turning back now. The gauntlet has been thrown. You have to take the challenge or forever be shamed and damned as the guilty ones.


Anonymous 007: Yes, let us see the tampered email and the actual email. Side by side. Let the public be the judge. At present, no one is willing to show the tampered email. They are just saying the email has been tampered.


SRMan: Najib’s game plan is obvious - to cast doubt, whether by hook or by crook or by half-baked stories, on the credibility of any party or report exposing the 1MDB scam.


Their popular words bandied around include "tampered info", "forged docs", "fake emails", etc. It does not matter if a credibility-questioned forced-to-resign Sarawak newspaper editor Lester Melanyi, who once published a provoking caricature of a Prophet, is part of their plan.


The more urgent need was to publish the story of his 'expose' in BN-controlled media on the first day of an important festive celebration.


"Plots exposed", "Lester: Anwar is to be blamed" among others grabbed the headlines. This is to ensure the 'gullible' kampung and Felda folks, who form the bulk of the voters' bank, would buy their story.


But do not forget that some of the younger generation in the extended families are well-educated. Forget about duping them, those 'good old days' are gone.


Swipenter: It is typical of them to try to turn the tables on whistleblowers by bare denials, justifying the unjustifiable, shooting the messengers, blaming others for their problems, employing and creating diversions, using delaying tactics and using people like Lester to put on a show.


So far Najib and his defenders are not answering, and have not answered, questions on the real issues but are skirting around them.


The 1MDB scandal is turning out to be the mother of all scandals in Bolehland and desperation is written all over their faces to try to defuse and cover it up.


Spirit of Malaya: I don't give a damn about the emails, altered or original. Just show me the money and answer these three simple questions:


1) Did you own the said accounts in AmBank?

2) Did you receive the alleged US$700m in your bank accounts?

3) What happened to the money?

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