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Damage control with Lester video falls flat

YOURSAY ‘This video reminds me of the ‘performance’ by turncoat RPK.’


Video: 1MDB attack - mission for Anwar


Odin Tajué: Lester Albert Melanyi, the video featuring your supposed confession was posted on July 15. The Sarawak Report published its article, ‘Heist of The Century’, on Feb 28. That was more than four months earlier.


If what you have claimed is the truth, the big question that arises as a result of this is why you have not come out with your ‘confession' or revelation soon after the exposé was published.


Assuming again that you have told the truth, why have you waited all this while for someone to offer you some money to spill the beans?


If this is the case, then you are not a man of principle but one who has little or even none, and one who can be easily bought.


Ferdtan: This Lester video reminds me of the 2011 TV3 video ‘performance’ by turncoat Raja Petra Kamarudin. It had implied it was former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who was behind the conspiracy against PM Najib Razak in the Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder.


Immediately following the TV3 interview of Raja Petra, the prime minister said he was grateful that the ‘truth’ had finally emerged and he considered the matter closed.


Will this time with this video clip made by an unknown (never heard of) Lester, Najib will come out again to claim innocence of the 1MBD allegations? Will he say, “I am thankful the allegations are all false and I consider this matter close?”


Commentable: All things said and done, Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown is still spot on when she said "(1) that no one has been able to find one shred of evidence that disproves all Sarawak Report has reported in any way, and (2) get away from the fact that this money we are talking about went missing".


So BN has to do better than this. If BN claim fabrication, prove it then. When 1MDB claimed its emails were tampered with, why didn't they produce the originals and let the public compare the real and fake ones?


Just like what Rewcastle-Brown did in this case. What's admirable is her response - spontaneous, almost as if a reflex action. Something that we don't get from 1MDB. Getting an answer from them is like flogging a dead horse.


Months of silence, feet dragging and deceitful statements have made a deep, everlasting impression on the public, one that is really bad.


So like a huge stain on white linen, Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan can't erase it out so easily, not unless he has good solid convincing proof.


Armchair Newspaper: This is a feeble attack to discredit the opposition and former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and to somewhat win the hearts and minds of Malaysians who are convinced Najib owes the nation a credible rebuttal and explanation.


Unless it is a total capitulation by Sarawak Report and The Wall Street Journal which amounts to retractions and public apologies, no reasonable man will dismiss the core allegation against Najib as politically orchestrated.


On the contrary, these ‘feeble assaults’ to discredit the detractors reveals that Najib's psywar advisors are gasping for air.


Anonymous #07988903: The proof of innocence lies in proving the documents exposed by WSJ are faked, and since the transactions involved foreign banks, they cannot be easily forged. Anything else is just a smoke screen.


How come all things lead back to Anwar? It’s the same tired old story.



BN’s S'wak Report expose: From coup to blunder?


Real Truth: From the onset, most Malaysians were very sceptical about former journalist Lester Albert Melanyi’s version of the story that Sarawak Report fabricated evidence.


In this case, Abdul Rahman should know that the law of nature is designed to favour truth. Only truth can withstand any amount of scrutiny.


Dingy: Abdul Rahman thought he got the hottest news to defend his boss, not knowing that the man in the video has no credibility when the paper where he was an editor was banned by the Home Ministry.


Abdul Rahman was too eager to break the news wanting to claim credit in exposing Sarawak Report . What a shame for him when he was told that Lester has no credibility. Lester was paid for the video he made.


I Am Sabahan: Yes, I agree with Abdul Rahman that we should focus on “the message instead of the messenger”.


There is no need to bother about the messenger, Sarawak Report , just focus on the message that your boss is alleged to have RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal bank accounts.


Speaking Sense: I am from Sarawak. Our Sarawak ministers are also useless but at least they tend to keep their mouths shut.


Sabah ministers however seem hell bent on exposing their stupidity for everyone to see. But I guess they can't help it since they have mouths where their brains should be.


Hang Babeuf: “Abdul Rahman stressed that people should focus on ‘the message instead of the messenger’.” Yes, as in the following exchange:


A: This watch that you sold me yesterday, it's already stopped working. It cannot be a Rolex.


B: Don't think about the watch, don’t worry about it not working. Just focus on the Rolex brand name.


Yeah, right. Real smart.

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