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YOURSAY ‘A 60-year-old retires and a 65-year-old is appointed. Very fishy.’


Gani Patail replaced as attorney-general shocker

Kim Quek: The so-called sacking of attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail is a clear-cut breach of Article 145 Paragraph 6 of the federal constitution, which stipulates that his service can only be terminated through a tribunal appointed by the Agong, and hence, the so-called sacking is null and void.


Gani should continue to act as AG, and in fact he should now act against whoever has attempted to remove him unconstitutionally.


Odin Tajué: The incoming AG, Mohamed Apandi Ali, is the most suitable candidate for the position. He is a genius by any measure.


When he was a judge, he became an expert on Christianity merely after conducting, according to he himself, a short 'research' on the Internet.


Hang Babeuf: There was a big Utusan Malaysia /Awang Selamat push a few weeks back to get the AG to retire on grounds that his health/energy levels were no longer up to the demands/challenges of the position he held.


"Beban Gani Patail" can be read as "Gani Patail's burdens" or "the burden [on us] of Gani Patail". Both were meant, I think.


Rick Teo: What the heck? A 60-year-old retires and a 65-year-old is appointed. Very fishy. The fire in the kitchen must be very hot for Gani to be forced out from the 1MDB task force.


Sali Tambap: No fond goodbye to Abdul Gani Patail. It is good riddance.


He was unable to project himself as a strong-willed chief prosecutor of the country who stood up against corrupted bureaucracy, but very much incapacitated in trying to please his immediate superior in the service.


When the word ‘attorney-general’ is mentioned, an image depiction of the like of the late Robert Kennedy comes to mind, not a wimp.


But perhaps it is expecting too much for Gani to be able to rise to similar height. There is nothing to be proud of, really. Hopefully his replacement will not be another replica of him.


Thisia: Isn’t Gani the one who charged the Hindraf protesters with attempted murder?


I Am Sabahan: Gani, looking back at your long career as AG, can you say to your conscience that you have done the best for your country and the rakyat?


ACR: Gani was definitely not popular for his conduct during his tenure as AG but there may be more than meets the eye in this episode, especially given his involvement in the task force and his retirement being very near in October.


FairMind: Gani, you better take photocopies of all the evidence.



Gani tightlipped if removal linked to task force


Bumiputhran: If it is true that PM Najib Abdul Razak did not advise the incumbent AG in advance prior to his removal, it is a discourteous breach of protocol.


The AG is no ordinary public servant but one who enjoys the office at the investiture power of the Agong. It cannot be because of critical health as the AG was not aware of his replacement until told by reporters.


Could it be due to the AG being about to sign an arrest warrant against someone?


I Wonder?: This is definitely a most unwise and desperate move taken by the most desperate couple, hoping this desperate move will turn out as the last and only lifeline left for them. Failing which, they are doomed.


So, let's sit tight and watch and expect something unbelievable is about to happen to this country.


Multi Racial: He is due to retire on Oct 6, 2015 and now is already end of July 2015. With less than three months to his retirement, the fact that he has been removed in a hurry without his knowledge goes to show there is something very fishy going on.


It does not matter who is in the cabinet or who hold the position of AG, Najib still has to come out clean on the RM2.6 billion claimed to be deposited into his personal account in AmBank.


He has no choice. If he is innocent then show us the evidence and sue The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and all others for defamation. If he is guilty for once do something good for the nation, resign gracefully and face the consequent of your action.


Appoint someone credible like former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to reform both Umno and the government.


Baiyuensheng: Karma does exist. Whether this man was discharged legally or illegally does not bother me.


Anonymous #25558299: Gani you won't know, but God knows. God knows what you did when sitting as AG. You may have the money, but you won't enjoy it, you're nobody from now on.


Well Thats Fantastic: "I don't want to say a word right now," said Gani. What sort of democracy is this when a sitting AG is scared to speak?

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