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YOURSAY ‘Najib has missed the opportunity to negotiate an honourable exit.’


Muhyiddin dropped, Zahid named as DPM


Nasib Nazak: Replacing Muhyiddin Yassin as deputy prime minister was on the cards back when the floods hit Kelantan in December last year, while PM Najib Razak was golfing in the United States.


Muhyiddin's repeated remarks as "acting prime minister" in the media briefings to "rescue" Kelantan were enough to cause Najib to worry about his ex-DPM’s bold actions.


This move was on the cards way before the video recording of his outburst on 1MDB drowned the tabling of Najib's budget.


Anonymous_1421806811: A government by the PM, for the PM and with the PM. Good luck, Malaysia.


Bamboo: With all power concentrated in the hands of premier, we have to pray that Najib stays on as the premier.


If DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi goes on to be premier with his ruthless streak, God save Malaysia.


LifeFlier: Najib's message to rakyat: "Do you all want me to continue as PM or you want me to resign and make Zahid your new PM? It's your choice."


I think the rakyat has a better answer than both, don't you think so?


Anonymous_1421406986: Why the surprise? Is it not something speculated and expected for a long time?


Now Muhyiddin can choose to sing like a canary along with Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal, who also lost his minister’s post.


Once you decide to break ranks, be prepared to stay out. It was a long time coming for the two.


Cocomomo: Now for the final showdown. Those who have chosen the side of the corrupt, do not be surprised when the people reject them.


Kangkung: If by sacking Muhyiddin and reshuffling the cabinet, Najib hopes to silence the dissenters to 1MDB and also on the alleged transfer of the country's money into his personal accounts, he is wrong.


Malaysia-boho-leh: Perhaps a case of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?


Armchair Newspaper: Both Muhyiddin and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail must have refused to "retire or resign" for "health or personal" reasons. The dragnet of 1MDB is closing in.


The sackings showed that Najib has missed the opportunity to negotiate an honourable exit with his Umno nemesis. The track records of both the new DPM and AG do not auger well as they are likely to do the bidding of Najib to preserve his tenure.


This is a perilous time for Malaysia as open warfare within Umno will embroil the entire nation. Malaysia’s failing system of governance and rule of law can no longer cope with the crisis.


Malaysia Ku: Muhyiddin was too slow. He should have moved faster to pre-empt his dismissal.


Zahid will move fast to apprehend all opposition to his master. Expect Operasi Lalang version 2 in the making. The crackdown begins unless the Umno MPs wake up from their slumber.


Sali Tambap: All things considered, Najib has engineered a coup by culling those in opposition to him but more so as a pre-emptive strike to undermine the investigation into the 1MDB scandal.


While it is his prerogative as a premier to have the cabinet reshuffle, it is obvious as many have said, that to terminate the AG in the middle of the investigation into the 1MDB scandal, is tantamount to sabotaging the whole operation.


Hbasill: So finally Najib has declared war on former PM Dr Mohamad Mahathir. Now it is for Dr M to wage a war by calling his men in Umno to unseat Najib. But I personally feel this will not happen because it would mean splitting Umno.


Najib must have thought it out well, knowing all in Umno cannot survive if they split, so obviously the majority will continue to support Najib to enjoy the handouts.


The new AG is also picked for a purpose and I don’t see the truth being revealed on 1MDB anytime soon. The ringgit is destined to hit RM4 to US$1 by December 2015. Now is the time to dump ringgit for US dollars.


RM2.6billion in Mbank: Muhyddin is never my idol, but in this instance I take my hat off to him for standing by his principles. If he can sacrifice a post so high to uphold his integrity and honesty, I wonder how lesser ministers are not willing to do so.


It is time they should follow him, for the sake of the country. The future of millions of Malaysians depends on them. If the country fails, they are to be blamed. Can they live with a clear conscience?


Yes, Muhyddin, you indeed make a great sacrifice and you have regained my respect for you.


Chipmunk: I hope all Umno MPs are aware that they can be booted out any time. This serves as a lesson that their position is only temporary.


Senior: The RAHMAN prophecy will come true. ‘N’ will be the last. Not that I like the ex-DPM. But I like the new one less.

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