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YOURSAY ‘What about the Home Ministry cancelling his M’sian passport?’


Gov't cannot locate Jho Low, says PAC                 

Azzat Kamaludin: When there was all the expose about Jho Low's hand in 1MDB, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson was busy giving time to 1MDB top officials to appear before them.


Then he requests the MOF (Finance Ministry) to get Jho Low to appear before the PAC and when MOF say they don't know, the PAC chairperson parrots MOF and says nobody knows where Joh Low is.


Now the PAC chairperson says "with the wide media coverage Jho Low would know he was sought by the PAC..." and "he should come voluntarily". Astonishing naivete indeed.


After all the sound and fury, he has been appointed deputy minister. So that is what it is all about? Is that the reward for taking Malaysians round and round the mulberry bush?


Odin Tajué: We aren't surprised that Jho Low, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, Casey Tang Keng Chee, and Jasmine Loo Ai Swan have suddenly become untraceable.


They were among the key people that facilitated the 1MDB grand scam and have been prominently featured. The other person that seems to have disappeared is Suboh Mohd Yassin.


But as my well-informed, intelligent fellow readers have said in Malaysiakini , locating these people and bringing them in should not be a problem as long as the appropriate authorities are prepared to do their work.


However, we can be quite certain that no real efforts will be made to do the necessary, that any move to do that will be just a sham. We can be certain that the Finance Ministry has not failed to locate Jho Low; rather, it has been unwilling to.


I can't recall what Suboh's role was in this multi-billion ringgit cozenage, but the first four can be considered indispensable witnesses to be made to answer in court and uncover the truth.


Ferdtan: What about the Home Ministry cancelling his Malaysian passport like they did to bloggers Alvin Tan and Ali Abdul Jalil?


What a lame excuse that PAC and Finance Ministry are giving. By all means get our IGP, this time we agree to pay for his air passage to the United States to look for him.


When it comes to the opposition, the authorities were so efficient that they took preventive measures to stop them from leaving the country.


Turvy: Since when did the Finance Ministry deal with locating missing persons? They can’t even locate money missing from under their noses when they have all the information, so why ask them.


What's our great hero from the Home Ministry who has strong connections with Scotland Yard and Interpol and who is going to extradite people who have not committed any offence, doing about this?


And if you want to divine people to come voluntarily, why don't you send an SMS to our No 1.


Speaking Sense: The Finance Ministry cannot find the money, it cannot find the thieves, it cannot solve the economy, it cannot strengthen the ringgit, it cannot find the owners of bank accounts, it cannot tell the difference between cash and units, it cannot remember if it issues guarantees for 1MDB, it cannot find competent ministers and deputies, it doesn't seem to be able to do anything. Why is it still there?


Anonymous_1421806811: Finance minister, Jho Low needs to clear his name. If he can't turn up, issue an arrest warrant.


Our IGP is an expert in this. Basically we want his assets frozen and returned to Malaysia if he is guilty. We are not born yesterday. If there is a will, there is a way.


Sali Tambap: This does not come as a surprise at all, knowing how Malaysian authorities bungle their task.


 Probably from the beginning most Malaysians were already skeptical whether the investigation would be carried out as it meant to be and PAC could really come out with something worthwhile.


Otherwise this was just a charade and window dressing to mislead the public. As for tracing their witnesses and absconding criminals and suspects, Malaysian authorities in these areas are simply hopeless.


Perhaps our expectation is too high. Perhaps the slogan 'Malaysia Boleh' is to delude ourselves from our helplessness in getting things done here.


Hplooi: And this is one reason the constant refrain of "let the taskforce do its work" holds no water anymore.


By the time they finish wrangling over whether the report should be made public, most of the key people who have to answer would have conveniently flown the coop.


Donplaypuks: All they have to do is approach Jho Low’s family in Penang or PM Najib Razak, who met him recently, and ask for his contact numbers and address in the US or wherever.


They can also ask 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda to assist them. If that doesn't work, then they can notify the FBI and appoint the top legal and/or process server firm in the US and serve the summons on him.

They can also ask Interpol for help. Of course, our home minister who is the world champion at extradition can also seek assistance from the Attorney-General's Office in US.


What is so difficult, unless there is no real willpower to locate Jho Low and this is the usual Umno ‘sandiwara’, where the thieves are protected and the honest and decent arrested.


GI Joe: There is a conflict of interest in the Finance Ministry to locate Jho Low, given that the one being investigated is the finance minister.

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