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YOURSAY 'President Nixon once said, ‘I am not a crook, I've earned everything I got.’’


Najib's only response on 1MDB scandal: Okay lah

Kingfisher: "Okay lah" from PM Najib Razak and "everything is okay" from former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over a national crisis involving allegations of robbing people of public money would give ordinary citizens a horrendous fear of the country's future under the guardianship of such "leaders".


It’s obvious all is not well in this "lucky" country and there is no solution in sight as indicated by their frivolous remarks.


Hang Babeuf: They say, "okay lah!" we all say, "definitely not okay lah!”


If you guys can't see that, if you cannot see what is wrong, what is rotten at the heart of this government and its conduct of the nation's business, then you are obtuse, either intellectually limited or ethically crippled.


That's what we all say. Don't deny. Denial will do no good. You have to see this moral cesspool of Umno-BN rule for what, in its degenerate stage, it now is.


JD Lovrenciear: The party never seems to end... while the rakyat are filling homes and market places and work spaces with talk of how to survive with rising costs of education and living and the way the GST has morphed into a 33 percent price hike, for Najib it is "okay"; for yet others it is "seronok".


Nasib Rosak: Does Najib’s "okay lah" mean that he admits to the numerous allegations and accusations that have been thrown his way?


Basically: I am reminded of President Richard Nixon's famous speech, “I am not a crook, I've earned everything I got.”


Sadly, we have a PM who cannot say anything besides, “Okay lah.”


Armchair Newspaper: In Umno's lingo: the winds can howl but the mountain will only move at the time of its choosing.


It's a language of contempt and ridicule to those who look for leadership and accountability; both of which are foreign to Umno.



Despatch rider detained over 1MDB probe


Negarawan: Isn't it clear now that the so-called task force is being directed by the main culprit (who is also their boss) to steer away investigations from himself, and to arrest the new "Azilah and "Sirul" as scapegoats.


After almost a month, this is the pathetic task force "achievement". This is exactly why independent investigations by the federal agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore are our only hope.


Let's hope they will release a report soon.


Kangkung: We are interested when Najib is to be remanded to assist in the investigation into the alleged transfer of US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) into his personal accounts and when will his wife, Rosmah Mansor, be remanded to assist in the investigation into the RM2 million allegedly banked into her account?


Armchair Newspaper: Start from the bottom first - despatch rider, typists and toilet cleaners - and they will never have to look for the elephant in the room.


Justine Gow: If I remember correctly, they have 10 people on the list of those to be remanded. A few directors and now the fifth one is a dispatch rider.


Are they running out of directors to arrest? It looks like they are getting desperate. I am not sure who the next five will be, but I am certain of who they will not be.


Where is Justice: If I were the newspaper delivery boy for The Edge , I would be fleeing the country now...


We Are Concerned: The story is becoming clearer as they piece together the whole picture. How clear it will be depends on how truthful and transparent are the characters. Exciting days ahead. We shall see how the picture unfolds.



'WSJ has woeful lack of knowledge of M’sia'

Vijay47: Usually, comments from the foreign affairs minister of any country will be treated with some respect and trust.


But in your case, Anifah Aman, knowing the company you keep, credence will be somewhat restrained and your version of "the truth about Malaysia today" merely confirms your typical Umno pastime of twisting reality.


You quote "five opposition states" as proof of Umno's fair and honest approach to elections.  That the opposition won five states against unbelievable chicanery, cheating, corruption, and misuse of public facilities simply reveals how desperate the people are for change; I note that you did not mention Perak or the contributions of the Elections Commission.


"All races and religions" - what in heaven's name is that? Whatever was built over decades is being destroyed almost on a daily basis by Umno in its frantic efforts to survive. But the cordon bleu goes to your suggestion of the freedom the opposition enjoys - countless arrests and charges don't testify to this.


Anifah, sending your article to The Wall Street Journal was a most unwise decision if you were truly concerned about Malaysia's international image.


Coming hot on the heels of that famous letter by Najib's lawyers to Dow Jones, your piece may make Americans believe that all Malaysians suffer similar intelligence deficiencies.


Hmmmmmmmm: I don't recognise which country foreign minister (now former) Anifah Aman is writing about.


In any case, why does a journalist need to know the culture of a country to expose corruption? If Malaysia is such a nice country governed by the rule of law, then why is the government so scared of whistleblowers?

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