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Mammoth Bersih 4.0 rallies to get Najib out
Published:  Jul 29, 2015 2:00 PM
Updated: 8:48 AM

Bersih will hold rallies in three cities to push for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's resignation plus institutional reforms to prevent prime ministerial corruption.

The rallies overnight rallies would be held in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu to demand four major objectives: 1) Clean elections, 2) Clean governance, 3) Saving the economy, and 4) Preserving the right to dissent.

Beginning at 2pm on Aug 29, the rally is scheduled to end on midnight of Aug 30 - the eve of Merdeka Day.

Bersih said the series of disturbing events over the past two days - the removal of Abdul Gani Patail as attorney-general, the co-opting of four out of 13 Public Account Committee members into the cabinet and the removal of dissident ministers - had triggered the call for the rallies.

"By a series of political moves on July 27 and 28, Najib has virtually ruled out all possibilities for truth on the 1MDB scandal to be unearthed and for the criminals to be brought to justice.

"Najib is taking ever y possible move to protect corruption. He arrogantly ignores the humble wish of Malaysians for integrity and justice. He has lost every ounce of legitimacy to stay in office," said Bersih.

Bersih argued that as an electoral reform pressure group, it has a duty to raise this issue because the 1MDB controversy was linked  to government funds being allgedly used by a politcal party during the last general election.

Four immediate measures

Because this allegation has an implication on the highest political office in the land with the credibility of government institutions being at stake, the only way forward was for Najib to tender his resignation, it added.

"We invite all patriotic Malaysians to join the rallies to demand for Najib to step down and for institutional reforms to be implemented so as to end prime ministerial corruption," said the key civil society group.

In the interim, Bersih said there were four immediate measures which Putrajaya could undertake to restore public confidence in the investigations into 1MDB:

  1. Compel Najib to make public his personal bank accounts to address allegations that he received nearly RM2.6 billion million.
  2. Compel Najib to take leave as prime minister, minister of finance and other public offices he holds pending the completion of the probe.
  3. Freeze all bank accounts belonging to Najib's family members.
  4. Make public the findings of the Bank Negara, MACC, police and PAC investigations.
Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah said the police would be notified of the event and they are expected to help facilitate security arrangements.

On the activities that will be held during the rally, Maria Chin said there might be some activities planned for participants who spend the night.

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