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Netizens troll #DearNajib over RM2.6b 'donation'
Published:  Aug 4, 2015 10:37 AM
Updated: 7:45 AM

Social media users have flooded Twitter and Facebook with the #DearNajib hashtag after the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) declared that the RM2.6 billion stashed in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal accounts were donations.

A majority of the posts were critical of Najib, despite a warning from Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that such comments would be punished.

Many demanded to know where the RM2.6 billion donation came from, while others mocked the MACC statement by asking Najib for donations.

These are some of the postings that were put online:

@1Obefiend - #DearNajib your scriptwriters are just as talented as Stephanie Meyers (author of Twilight series).

@jmy_83 #DearNajib I am an UMNO supporter, and you need to step down. You don't have the support of UMNO or any other Malaysian. You've lost our trust.

Desmond Bruno - ‪#‎DearNajib‬ I sometimes also don't remember what tht 70 ringgit transaction in my account was. Understandable that u can't explain ur 700mil.

@faizalhamssin   #DearNajib, I think I should quit my professional job & jadi peminta derma kat Jalan TAR instead. I can be rich. You're an inspiration.

Alan A Alexandar - #DearNajib I was thinking you could pay off my PTPTN loans.

@fyruz_tyruz #DearNajib, Sesungguhnya kami yang remaja, amat memerlukan Bantuan Topup 1 Malaysia {BT1M} setiap minggu. (We the youths really need 1Malaysia Topup Aid each week)

@ayipsubri #DearNajib, we dont care you want to chase the whole wealth but dont forget to the people below. Sultan Brunei also rich but he care to ppl.

@DaphCLPT #DearRakyat our #DearNajib has no money to give you gais simply simply. It's been used for GE13. Hello? Korang tak keep up ke? Cukuplah tu DAH.

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