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We will pray for the nation, not the crooks

YOURSAY ‘I will pray for the destruction of those who abused their power.’


Pray for us leaders, Najib tells haj pilgrims


Ipoh PP: “Please pray the country is safe, pray for the leaders, where the people would determine who would be in government and who would fall, not outsiders or foreigners," said PM Najib Razak.”


Who are the “outsiders” and “foreigners” Najib was referring to? The problem is the locals are the ones causing havoc to the country. Just tell us if the RM2.6 billion went into your bank accounts.


Hmmmmmmmm: It's too late. Foreigners are already determining our government. Don't believe? Just go to Sabah.


It’s better to pray that the Election Commission is not the one determining our government.


Not Convinced: Didn’t the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) more or less confirm that BN is now backed by donors from the Middle East? The last time I checked, Arabs are foreigners.


RM2.6billion in Mbank: Yes, please pray that our leaders love God more than money. Pray that they do not hide the truth from the people and realise that God is watching.


Pray that they can be more direct in their answers to the people's questions. Pray that God will reveal the truth to the billions of ringgit allegedly in the private accounts of the leader.


Lastly, pray that our leader stop being a super hypocrite.


Anonymous_1372741039: All men are given ‘free will’ and ‘free choice’ by the Almighty. One may choose the direct straight path that leads to hell or the crooked, narrow and difficult path leading to heaven.


Those destined for hell is the individual's own choosing. The Almighty God is not responsible as to where one end's up. You are!


Victor Johan: Indeed, the rakyat have been praying for lightning to strike those corrupt politicians who are leading the federal government and who have allegedly embezzled the nation's coffers, but God have not done them justice yet.


Now you are asking these 1,200 sponsored pilgrims to pray for the continuity of the alleged corruption?


From what we see and hear all this while, there has been no demand of toppling the government, but there continues to be a demand for you to step down and allow a genuine investigation of your alleged wrongdoings, and to oust you and your corrupted goons through a clean electoral process, which you and goons have being denying the nation for too long.


Magnus: The last I heard, the Almighty, no matter what you may wish to call that Almighty, does not like or support bad people, such as crooks, cheats, liars and religious hypocrites.


Malaysia Ku: Really? Pray that you and your wife will continue to live a life of sheer luxury while the rest of your countrymen have to contend with increasing cost of living?


You have the temerity to request prayers from people who live lives diametrically opposite to yours while you indulge in your vile schemes to hide the truth of your alleged maleficence? In truth, you should pray for repentance.


Ib: Funding the haj with borrowed money and Najib thinks it is a good deed? Where else in the world is this done?


Can Muslims tell us if this is right or wrong? We don't need to study the Quran to know this, do we?


Mushiro: It is good that Yayasan 1MDB sponsored 1,200 haj pilgrims. But not with borrowed money in which 1MDB is still struggling to pay the interest alone.


Jaycee: How about asking pilgrims to pray for the taxpayers? Pray that we can continue to survive even when the cost of living keeps going up. 


Pray that the perpetrators who were drinking Cristal champagne and sailing on millions dollars yacht will come to their senses and return all the stolen money.


Pray that Malaysia will see a clean and uncorrupted government, one which will put the rakyat first and be a government for all Malaysians.


Not Confused: Najib is nothing but a lowlife hypocrite. He asks that pilgrims pray that foreigners do not decide who is to rule this country.


However, he and his cronies in Umno allegedly used billions of ringgit ‘donated’ by foreigners to pervert elections so that they can cling to power.


Hang Babeuf: Pray that this beloved country is never taken over and ruled by crooks, liars, Ponzi-scheme operators, bullies, bigots and street "rowdies".


Pray that there will never be a party in power that will condone these things, that will be ready to tolerate them, that will happily be complicit in these dirty dealings in order to hold onto power, position, privilege and profit. Pray for the country, please!


Asitis: Yes, pray that true democracy will prevail again in Malaysia where the people would really be able to determine, by means of a truly free, open and fair election, who would be in government and who would fall.


Waktamnoko: I will pray for the destruction of those who abused their power and ruined the country by their corrupt deeds.

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