And they will personally bring PM down?

YOURSAY ‘If that day comes, it means the institutions of governance are independent.’


Rahman Dahlan sees Najib fall if…


Slumdog: It’s very brave of BN strategic communications chief Abdul Rahman Dahlan to say that he and his Umno colleagues would personally ensure PM Najib Razak's downfall if the RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal bank accounts was indeed the rakyat's money.


This is after the matter has already been covered up by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) after their sham investigation that the RM2.6 billion was a donation.


If the RM2.6 billion was indeed a donation, did Najib advise Umno supreme council members about this and say, “Hey guys, look what I managed to get - RM2.6 billion for all of you to spend on the 2013 election”?


And if it was a donation, why didn’t Najib admit that when this was first exposed last month? The answer is, Najib knows that no one, except the kampung folks and the three million Umno members, would have believed him.


So to give some credibility to the story, he established a task force to investigate and exonerate him.


Quigonbond: They will personally bring the PM down? If that day comes, it means the institutions of governance like the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers are independent and professional, and Abdul Rahman remains a minister instead of being sacked or worse still, incarcerated.


There is no point feeding us these useless platitudes. We would like to read that after the cabinet meeting, Abdul Rahman reports to the press that the task force and PAC are going full steam ahead, that MACC's confirmation of donation is premature, and that this administration will stop harassing whistleblowers and messengers and bloggers.


If he does that, we might just start to believe him. Otherwise, it's all just noise.


Dingy: With suspension of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and police harassment of MACC and Bank Negara officials in the 1MDB probe, no Malaysian would accept MACC’s report.


Najib appeared to have broken two laws. 1. Election law that limits the amount spent on each constituency. 2. The balance of RM2.5 billion allegedly unaccounted for when he closed his private accounts in AmBank.


He must show BN's income and expenditure statement for GE13 campaign, and all receipts. Remember Najib's speech in 2002 on political donation in which he talked about accountability in party fund?


Ourvotesdecide: Abdul Rahman said: "If people don't believe what the prime minister said, then investigate. After the investigation, it was revealed whether it is the rakyat's money or not. Case solved."


But why stalled the investigations by the PAC and the 1MDB task force?


There are just too many suspicious coincidences as can be seen in the series of action taken, for example, the sudden removal of the former AG, the cabinet reshuffle whereby members of the PAC were appointed to the cabinet, abrupt change of Special Branch director as well as MACC officials - all done when they were in the midst of conducting their investigations.


Gunnerrun: There are two separate issues here that are being discussed by the common people. One, the RM2.6 billion and its source. Two, 1MBD's RM42 billion debt.


It does not mean that if the RM2.6 billion is explained to the satisfaction of the people, then the RM42 billion is considered accounted for.


It's not just about the source of the RM2.6 billion, it's also why the money was deposited into the PM’s personal bank accounts.


Apacerita: Abdul Rahman, how are you going to proof what Najib tells you is true? If he tells you the RM2.6 billion was not the rakyat's money, how are you going to proof it?


Already you are taking his words that the money was a ‘donation’. And even if it's rakyat's money, I think you will say it is not. How are we going to proof you are telling the truth then?


Whatever it is, whether rakyat’s money or not, the point is Najib has to resign. We have no trust in him anymore. If a leader has lost the trust of the people, how is he going to lead?


Real Truth: Abdul Rahman, how come you know so much? Even the former DPM did not know that the RM2.6 billion in Najib's personal bank accounts was donation.


When he asked about it, he was unceremoniously booted out of cabinet.


Hang Babeuf: "If people don't believe what the prime minister said, then investigate," said Abdul Rahman.


What hypocrisy. Just as the PAC, with your boss's blessing and that of his party, did and was openly encouraged to do, without obstacle or hindrance, without any "nobbling" of its membership, without any overriding of its actions from the speaker.


Unbelievable rubbish. Just shameless nonsense. Slime is usually opaque. This kind of pathetic slime that Abdul Rahman is now laying on thick with a heavy trowel is transparent. You can see right through it, without even trying or looking hard.


And he will personally "put out all the fires on the Sun", if anyone can prove that Umno or the PM lit them?


Does he expect that he will ever have to deliver on it? Does anybody?

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