So now it’s okay to take money from foreigners

YOURSAY ‘With all that money, they still couldn't win the popular vote.’


If funds from overseas, Malaysia in deep trouble

Kuasa Rakyat: Didn't PM Najib Razak ask the haj pilgrims to pray that foreigners do not determine who the PM of Malaysia is? If the RM2.6 billion was from foreigners, it does look like Najib has sold Malaysia to foreigners, doesn't it?


Anonymous 2305141436452229: The hypocrisy and lies coming out of Najib's camp are so blatant that I'm disappointed that our distinguished ministers and MPs do not see through the masquerade.


First, Najib says let the special task force and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) conclude their investigations. He then proceeds to frustrate both investigations.


Then, he says do not let foreigners like The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Sarawak Report control us. Now he claims that the money came from foreign donations, purportedly from the Middle East.


Malaysia needs to wake up and send a message that it cannot take this bulls**t any longer.


Turvy: Don’t expect logic in their arguments. They will say anything to get off the hook. For now, they think they have thwarted more serious allegations by admitting to 'receiving ‘donation’.


No one has explained why anyone would give such large sums, but it will come in the inimitable logic we are becoming used to.


We are asked not to believe a 'white' woman but to accept that RM2.6 billion as legitimate donation by a kind-hearted man or group. Any of them ‘white’? Any of them ‘foreigner’? What is the trade-off for this large sum?


6th Generation Immigrant: There is no such thing as a free lunch, someone will always have to pay. The same can be applied to the PM. No one will give the Malaysian PM RM2.6 billion and expect not to pay back in kind or in cash.


Charlie Chan Son No 13: Any donation, be it a fountain pen or a key chain, to a government agent is to be declared and owned by the state. It cannot be coveted and turned into a personal keepsake.


Receiving money into a private account whilst in public office is a blatant disregard of the people's trust.

Smer: Well said, writer Stephen Ng. BN has always harped about how opposition is funded by Zionists or billionaire George Soros, etc, making them the agents of foreign parties.


Now we throw this back at BN. If the donations are from wealthy Arabs, by the same vein doesn't that make BN agents of the Arabs?


What guarantee can Najib give that he isn't a lackey of the Middle East now? After all you can't expect wealthy princes to just throw money to other countries for no reason.


Are they interested in our oil? Did Najib sell out our oil futures or some other assets?


NNFC: With all that money, they still couldn't win the popular vote. Congratulations to the people of Malaysia.



Najib tops even Mitt Romney, says Kulai MP

Kim Quek: So far, it is all the spinners who have been busy spewing statements one after another that never fail to startle the nation, but not the principal himself who seems to be contented with his continued silence.


Now the latest official position is that the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s bank accounts did not come from 1MDB, but from donors.


Mr Prime Minister, isn’t it time for you to break your silence now to enlighten your people who have been dying to know the true story behind this fabulous RM2.6 billion?


Lone_star: Now it has been confirmed by no less than our ever-hardworking, ever-transparent Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that the Najib's accounts in AmBank Islamic existed and that the PM received RM2.67 billion in ‘donation’.


That amount would have grown over time. Even at 3 percent per annum, the interest gained would have been sufficient for a good portion of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) payouts.


We also know that those accounts have been closed. Could the ever-hardworking, ever-transparent MACC further investigate as to where or how these billions have been utilised after closure of these accounts?


As these donated funds were not for the personal gain of the honourable PM, could they have been transferred to the rakyat without even the rakyat being aware? Do enlighten us, MACC.


Anonymous_1430366487: No amount of 'incredible' stories and reasons concocted will change the mind of the ordinary Malaysian; of the stark swindling that has been going on for 50 years or more by the Malaysian leaders, especially of Umno.


Therefore the attempts to spin statements in the media, etc, by guilty parties will be more detrimental to their integrity and only serve to draw out even more sarcastic criticism from the disbelieving public.


Speaking Sense: DAP national deputy publicity chief Teo Nie Ching is being unkind to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in comparing them with Najib in matters of trust and integrity.

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So now it’s okay to take money from foreigners

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