Arrest order of editor an exercise of futility

YOURSAY ‘Najib is throwing flares to divert focus in 1MDB probe.’

Arrest warrant for Sarawak Report editor

Odin Tajué: Najib Abdul Razak is a pathetic excuse of the human species, a fake, a bully.


A fake, because, and among his other shortcomings, he huffs and puffs and boasts of his imagined bravery and fortitude when he is in fact an empty shell of a man, a tailor's dummy, a flimsy figure that easily crumbles when comes a gust of challenging wind.


A bully, because he has the guts only to be adversarial towards those with insignificant clout, relatively speaking, such as Malaysiakini , The Edge and the Sarawak Report .


As all bullies always are, he is a coward; and his cowardice was plain to see when he whimpered and whined and tucked his tail between his legs while facing The Wall Street Journal .


The Sarawak Report is essentially Clare Rewcastle-Brown. One woman. So, it’s easy meat. Or so he must surely thinks. And that's why he's going after her.


But as I have said, he's an empty shell of a man and thus devoid of anything in his skull, or else he would have known the sheer idiocy of pressing such a charge against her to support his demand for her arrest.


The simplest, painless, shortest way to annihilate Clare and despatch her to irreversible ignominy and total insolvency would be to simply prove that she has been in error by presenting the original, unmodified documents; then follow that up by suing her out of everything she has got.


But this has not been done. There is only one reason that it has not been done - what Clare has published was, in fact, all factual, all the real McCoys.


Kim Quek: The move to ask Interpol to hunt down Clare Rewcastle-Brown really takes the cake.


As if Malaysians have not been humiliated enough with the recent series of totalitarian crackdown on critics of high corruption, the Najib government has to carry its theatrics to the world stage to make Malaysia an international laughing stock. 


It is the greatest irony imaginable that Claire is charged for sabotaging democracy, when in truth she is a most remarkable champion of democracy for having single-handedly exposed a series of high corruption in our corrupt autocracy so that our country can make drastic changes to restore good governance and democratic rule.


It is bad enough Najib is left unscathed despite overwhelming evidence against him, but to go for an international clampdown of whistleblowers so as to protect Najib is sheer madness.

Or perhaps as the saying goes, he whom god wants to destroy, he first makes mad.


FellowMalaysian: This particular clause of Penal Code (Section 124B) calls for punishment against acts detrimental to parliamentary democracy.


But Rewcastle was not in the country when the purported act or acts were committed and this clause is quaint and totally alien to the western world.


Najib is throwing flares to divert intense focus and scrutiny in the 1MDB debacle and also from the expose of RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal accounts.


Magnus: From the Interpol website - “Legal basis: A Notice is published only if it fulfils all conditions for processing the information. For example, a Notice will not be published if it violates Article 3 of the Interpol Constitution, which forbids the Organization from undertaking any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character.”


Swipenter: Indeed, this is a desperate act to save face. The arrest warrant is only good in Bolehland. A typical "syiok sendiri" act for Umnoputras and their supporters to satiate their craving for self-gratification.


Anonymous_4031c: Clare will enjoy the unexpected publicity and attention she will get.


I can imagine every major newspaper covering this case being fought in the UK to get her extradited to the point that the US government may re-look at the money trail in their banking system.


Ferdtan: It is an exercise of futility that our police are obtaining an arrest warrant for Clare Rewcastle-Brown. Are they going to get Interpol to extradite her? On what ground?


StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: Fallen and disgraced political leaders in countries like Korea or Japan who still had a smidgeon of honour about them would have admitted personal responsibility, confessed guilt, expressed their sense of shame and asked for forgiveness.


Meanwhile, here there is denial, deflection and re-direction. There is no sense of shame at all, individually or collectively, it would seem.


Rewcastle-Brown's honour is intact. Why? She has yet to be sued for libel. She has welcomed legal proceedings time and again. But our government has not taken that step to vindicate itself. That is damning.


SWOT Strategist: Former US president Harry S Truman said, "Once a government is committed to silencing the voice of the opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."


Can we expect Najib (as PM) to investigate Najib (as finance minister)? Is this not a threat against parlimentary democracy?


CQ Muar: One wonders if the duty of police is to protect the guilty and the corrupt, and arrest those informers and messengers of criminal acts.


Are these law enforcers (PDRM), especially the IGP, defenders of Umno government leaders or are they defenders of criminal activities against the public?

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