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YOURSAY ‘If we leave it to God, why bother having police, judges and courts?’

Minister tells anti-graft meet there is God, mustn't worry

StraightTalk: And so Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Abdul Wahid Omar sent off the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) delegates, telling them not to be concerned about the serious corruption scandals in the country and wait for God to punish the culprits.

Can we take it that the minister is resigned to the fact that agencies responsible for fighting corruption in the country are not able to or are not allowed to do their job well and that ultimately they have to expect God's intervention, may be five, 10 or 20 years later?

And in the meantime, corrupt people can continue enjoying their loot? What kind of logic is this?

Odin Tajué: Abdul Wahid, first, the US$681 million transferred into PM Najib Razak's personal bank accounts was not a donation. I will repeat that - the US$681 million transferred into Najib’s personal bank accounts was not a donation.

It was part of the money he has, probably aided by Jho Low, Shahrol Halmi, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, Suboh Md Yassin and others, allegedly stolen from Malaysians through 1MDB.

Don't forget, he has also taken RM42 million from Strategic Resources Company International (SRCI). Speaking of which, SRCI took a RM3.81-billion loan from pension fund KWAP, but it has assets last estimated to be worth only around RM168 million. Where is the balance of RM3.642 billion?

All of you - and I mean A-L-L of you - trying to put Najib in the clear are as moronic as the accursed cybermorons you employ to do the same thing by posting their masses of puke on Malaysiakini and which mountains of vomit is as disgusting as your fatuous, vacuous regurgitation.

Second, people do not want to wait for God to reveal the truth and punish Najib accordingly. We know the truth already.

God will do nothing if you revolting, nauseating, obnoxious, loathsome sub-humans continue to support Najib in taking the hoi-polloi for idiots and to abet him in subverting justice.

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You all need to rise to the level of normal humans and see that he gets what he deserves. God will only look on; He will do nothing of the sort you suggested He would.

The Observer: It is unbelievable the shameless rubbish that is being uttered by 'ministers' every day. This is an international conference and Malaysia is on centrestage.

The statements made by Transparency International and the response from government officials are broadcast to the rest of the world.

The BN government has been stripped naked and the whole world is laughing at you. And yet it doesn't bother the government at all. What have you become? Where is your sense of dignity?

Anonymous_1391693662: Please take note. With immediate effect, all corruption by anyone below the level of minister and PM shall be handled by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Those of minister and PM level will be handled by God. So dear IACC participants, you heard it loud and clear from our minister. And these are the kind of morons we have in Putrajaya to fight corruption.

So if the person dies before being convicted, then it is construed as he will be punished in "heaven". Because he did some good too. He sent some of the faithful to haj, with the corrupted funds.

Speechless: Abdul Wahid's logic is astounding. If we leave it to God, why bother having police, judges and courts? Why jail former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim? After all, there is God to do the necessary.

He said that the truth will be out, maybe in 10 years. Everyone is asking about the RM2.6 billion. You mean we have to wait 10 years? Good grief!

What kind of people do we have in government? It’s as if these three days of public humiliation from IACC speakers is not enough. We have to put up with such stupid statements.

StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: "If all of us play our respective parts, don't worry. If any crime has been committed, it will be found out. If not today, tomorrow, next month, or five years down the road or 10 years down the road. Rest assured, there is God in this world and the truth will prevail," said Abdul Wahid.

Minister, not if but we all have played our part. And, yes, we do worry despite, and perhaps especially, when you tell us not to.

And we don't have to wait five or 10 years, do we? Because the truth you refer to, and possibly deny, is apparent. I for one won't be "rest assured" just because you say so; especially because you say so.

There is God, yes, but some folks are not God-fearing, don't you know?

You are presuming too much. You imply that Najib's relative security is a sign that God has yet to judge.

Are you sure that statements coming out of the IACC, plus the UN, plus Amnesty International, plus Bersih 4, plus Malaysians from all walks of life, are not all signs that today is that day; not five or 10 years from now?

Speaking Sense: But if corruption is ruining the country and people are suffering because politicians are stealing money meant for development and improving the people's welfare, and nothing is done for five, 10, years or till kingdom comes, then it is of no help to those who are suffering now.

I always thought Abdul Wahid was better than this, so maybe it is because he really cannot justify what Najib has done that an intelligent man like him is forced to come up with such silly comments.

Justine Gow: What he is saying is essentially this. Law enforcement officers in this country can now leave the job of enforcing the laws to God.

A criminal can now say to the police or the judge, "Let me be for now. You don't have to waste time worrying about who committed this crime. Rest assured, there is God in this world and the truth will prevail."

Police officers in Malaysia will soon find themselves out of a job.

Oh Ya?: Does he mean to say that the ruling elite are so powerful that they can do no wrong and that are only accountable to their Almighty God?

Meantime they can go on plundering the country and blaming the ‘pendatangs’ for pointing out their wrongs? ‘Kangkung land’ will go to the dog instead of becoming a developed country by 2020.

GE14NOW!: Seriously, is this the calibre of ministers today? The man is stupider than he looks and the things that he says are even more stupid than this.

You are on an international platform speaking to people who were born way before yesterday and who know far more about corruption than you. And what do you do? You go up there and speak to them as though they are a bunch of kids or some village folk.

For goodness sake, show some class. But that is asking too much from this lot of people surrounding the prime corruption - they are all loyal but devoid of thinking abilities.

Tailek: This is a Malaysian phenomenon which needs to be investigated by the international scientific community.

When they are ordinary professionals they are sensible and talk sense but once they are elevated to the corridors of power, they start talking gibberish and nonsense.

Abdul Wahid and Integrity Ministry Paul Low are just some examples of this new species.

Avatar 111: What rubbish is this? You think God will help us to settle our debts when the country has gone bankrupt like Greece.

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