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Prof Tajuddin has stood up, what about other Malays?

YOURSAY ‘Malaysia is a nation of great people led by small-minded politicians.’

A call to Malay M’sians to reject red shirt menace

Tan Kim Keong: Evil comes in many forms unfortunately. The acquiescence and concurrence of the Umno elites, the muted Malay menteri and timbalan menteri, the silence of professors and academics who are entrusted with the education of our children and the apathy of the religious scholars, muftis and professors of Islam and the leaders of the sole self-professed Islamic party are all manifestations of one form of evil.

As for Prof Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi, he is doing something about it. Thank you, prof, for helping to fight this evil.

Tunku Aziz Alhabshee Low: This article reinforces what I have always maintained, that Malaysia is a nation of great people led by small-minded politicians.

Great people like Professor Tajuddin, the leaders of Bersih 4 and many others whose voices have yet to be heard.

Is it not obvious to all that the non-Malays came out in full force for Bersih 4 because they support the moderate, sensible, dignified and honourable Malays who helped to organise the rally?

Unlike the red shirts who are only sensitive about their own race, the Malays and non-Malays who attended the Bersih 4 rally had more noble objectives.

Anonymous_1408265047: What a wonderful article. The problem is that the people the article is aimed at, the Umno politicians, have painted themselves into a corner and any admission of the stupidity of the red shirts and their backers will not be taken well by government supporters such as Perkasa and the like.

The authoritarian stance of the government and its disregard of the law has left no wriggle room to back off and appear sensible. The riposte to the Amnesty International representative by the foreign minister is the result of such stupidity.

The sooner the government drops the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ stance, the sooner it can start rebuilding the country.

Of course, there are a few other matters that have to be resolved in the meantime. The last few weeks were not good for Malaysia and the total denial of events as espoused by, among others, the foreign minister, is a portent of trouble to come.

Ferdtan: Prof, what a relevant article at the present time, with the upcoming racial rally, silently supported by pro-establishment institutions and leaders, to divert attention from their leader’s scandal.

A good question indeed we, the minority non-Muslims, are always asking, is “Where are the moderate and sane voices of the Malay elites?” If they see the wrong why are they not speaking up?

This quote from Edmund Burke is still so relevant. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for the good men to do nothing.”

One Malay, Prof Dr Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi, had stood up against evil, where are the rest?

Ace: Our highest respect to you, Prof Tajuddin. You are truly an exemplary Malaysian.

And also an exemplary human being because if you replace or interchange his references to Malays and Muslims with Africans, British, French, Chinese, Indians and Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc (if they have an equivalent to this Red Shirt Malay Menace or ‘RSMM’), his superb piece of writing is equally applicable.

We are really proud of people like you who speak and write from the perspective of a real Malaysian. May God almighty shower his blessings upon human beings like you.

Fateh: Prof Tajuddin, you have my full respect. Those in power are dead worried that they may lose the power to ‘rule’, or rather the power to loot the country and the rakyat.

For over 50 years, those who are in power have truly milked the country, from small sum of multi-thousands to now mega sum of multi-billions. Unfortunately, the kampung folks are still in their slumber, and naivety is one disease that is non-curable.

Many literate Malaysians, regardless of race, have opted to migrate, if they have the choice. Eventually, it will be the kampung folks that will suffer.

Clever Voter: Middle-class Malays are generally grateful to successive governments for special treatment and privileges. Better to be polite and not rock the boat.

The real challenge will come from the disillusioned Malay working class who can identify themselves better with the religious left. These will shape of the future political terrain in Malay politics.

RatBatBlue: Prof Tajuddin, I asked the very same questions you have in your article even before reading yours, in response (in the comments column) to the article ‘ Only shame will make the Malays brave ’ by Zaid Ibrahim today in Malaysiakini .

Perhaps you being Malay will be in a better position to answer this question on Malay apathy towards Malay radicalism - you know the Malay psyche better than I do.

In my comment, among other queries, I asked why Malay NGOs who valued good governance, fairness, and in our country, the concept of multi-culturalism, did not counter this ‘red shirt’ movement with statements or a counter-rally.

However, I am happy to learn that there is one such seminar, as you have mentioned. At least there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The educated moderate Malays seem to have a morbid fear of antagonising the powers-that-be. Why?

What is it that clouds their vision to the on-going shenanigans? Is it indoctrination from a young age to be apprehensive of others?

BTN: Well, the Malay elite in Umno, by keeping silent, are encouraging their own people to drop to the level that they are going to be. Peaceful demonstration is part and parcel of a healthy democracy.

If a demonstration is done with an intention to kill, what these red shirts preach is not healthy. They should learn to have ‘sopan’ before they are allowed into the street.

The police have failed miserably by their actions and inactions, which are a big contributing factor in the emergence of extremism in this country.

Urkidding: If ever the country is governed by people like Prof Dr Mohamad Tajuddin, our beautiful country Malaysia will prosper. Thank you, prof, for your inspiring and motivating article. Malaysia still has hope.

S**thappens: My Malay friends are calling this ‘Himpunan Membangsatkan Lagi Orang Melayu’. I think that’s a pretty accurate term.

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