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YOURSAY ‘The real issue’s not how WSJ obtained information but the veracity of its reports.’

1MDB accuses WSJ of breaking M'sian law, wants probe

Vijay47: 1MDB, it looks like not only have you got the shoe on the wrong foot, you've got it on backwards.

The real issue here is not how The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) obtained the information but the veracity of its reports.

If they have broken Malaysian law, then by all means charge them, sue them, throw them into the slammer. But we know you would never dare do that, your bravery is limited to taking action against only The Edge .

I note a small compliment when you describe the WSJ as "a hitherto reputable publisher", which should send their stock shooting through the ceiling.

I am just curious about one thing: When did WSJ lose its "reputable publisher" status - after the latest report or since the earlier ones?

All the same, the elephant remains in the room, where is the missing $1.4 billion? Don't tell me you're going to pin it on another American - David Copperfield.

Aries46: If it is true that US$1.4 billion paid to International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) has gone missing, what has happened to the money? Was it recovered? Was this reported in the 1MDB audited accounts as at March 2014?

And how does exposing a possible fraud be construed as a breach of our laws? Which takes precedence? Classified information or possible embezzlement?

And has this impropriety anything to do with Najib's swift move to paralyse the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) probe ahead of the scheduled questioning of 1MDB chief Arul Kanda and his predecessor by the committee?

Cocomomo: So it is true that the money never reached its supposed destination. Thanks for confirming this, 1MDB. If you dare, sue WSJ.

Caring Citizen: Many chances have been given to 1MDB to explain or come clean on the allegations made against them. But they chose to avoid doing this.

The question is very straightforward, did you or did you not transfer money to IPIC or its related corporations?

If WSJ has wrongfully accused you, proof it to the world. You cannot blame the world for not trusting you, especially when you have failed to give clear answers since day one of this entire saga.

SemoLina: Another RM6 billion allegedly gone missing. What is going on? This is too much already and the perpetrators must be brought to book at all costs, otherwise this country is all but finished.

That WSJ had broken Malaysian law in securing the information is the least of our concerns given the circumstances. Care to give another presentation, Arul? No prancing around the mulberry bush this time.

Mosquitobrain: Again get Najib's lawyer to write to WSJ and ask for clarification. By the way, is WSJ part of PAC?

Otherwise, from where WSJ got the leaked information on US1.4 billion? Forget about PAC’s process integrity and Parliament's standing orders. After all, PAC is dead.

Ourvotesdecide: The alleged leaking of information must have been done out of bitter desperation, frustration, disappointment and feeling of hopelessness with the Malaysian authorities in failing or refusing to act against the perpetrators who allegedly stole our taxpayers’ money.

This shows not all Malaysians can be bribed or bought or threatened by crooked leaders.

With all this vital information of or on wrongdoings or criminal offences committed, why are the Malaysian authorities such as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers still unable to arrest and charge those involved or responsible?

We are not bothered with the issue of who leaked information here. Our concern is who have violated our laws.

Anonymous_1371479577: 1MDB, please sue WSJ immediately for their illegal actions. Have you also considered making a request to the authorities to block their website and suspend its publications in Malaysia for breaking local law?

Our Right: USD1.4 billion is equivalent to RM6.02 billion at today’s exchange rate. RM6.02 billion + RM2.6 billion = RM8.62 billion. Lots of money there.

Assuming spending at RM10 million per month or RM333,333 per day, it will last 71.8 years. RM8.62 billion will earn an interest of RM28.7 million a month based on four percent FD (fixed deposit) interest.

Onyourtoes: 1MDB wants to preserve the process, integrity and standing orders of the Parliament, the PAC and the auditor-general. But who undermined all these in the first place?

Do we still have a functioning PAC? When is auditor-general’s report going to be made public?

Anonymous_1404717623: Funny, isn't it? 1MDB is not a member of PAC, yet it knows the contents of PAC inquiries and answers. It further knows the news from WSJ come from leaked PAC meetings.

Bangsat: The information has to be leaked. If it isn't leaked, we would never hear about it. PM Najib Razak's RM2.6 billion would still be his 'little' secret.

Anonymous 2315791437653403: As surely as the sun rises from the east, the police will now go after opposition members of the PAC.

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