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Why is Rosmah a lightning rod for criticism?

YOURSAY ‘ Hats off to the Special Branch man for standing his ground.’

Don't hide behind aide, ex-SB number two tells Rosmah

CQ Muar: Abdul Hamid Bador learned well as SB (Special Branch) deputy director and in upholding his principles without bowing to the demands of the wrongdoers regardless of his/her position.

His courage makes him stand out above all others and therefore should be commended. In the midst of such a bunch of corruptible leaders and administrators within the government, he (Abdul Hamid) defied fear and submission.

As a result, he was removed from his department, ostensibly to prevent him from spilling the beans.

With such courage and distinction, we implore him to pursue the matter to the hilt, and expose all the uncultured practices of PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor, and those involved in wrongful acts.

A person of such stature like Abdul Hamid is hard to come by, and can contribute greatly in the making of a better future for all Malaysians. Keep it up, tuan. I salute to you.

Res Ipsa: Only those with guilty conscience would have reservations to come out into the open and hence the necessity for aides to speak on his or her behalf.

What an abuse of government funds and taxpayers’ money when police officers are forced to escort the PM’s wife on her shopping rendezvous.

By the way, hats off to the SB man for standing his ground on this expose.

SaveMalaysia: We need more top guns like Abdul Hamid to step forward. If more can be like him, regardless who you are, which party you are from, problems can be reduced.

6th Generation Immigrant: Many of our supposedly appointed torch bearers shy away for fear of prosecution and persecution.

Abdul Hamid's steely nerves resemble a Malaysian historical figure Parameswara(n) who too was hounded until he started the ‘pendatang’ syndrome by running from his country to set foot in Melaka.

He was the original pendatang who saw a sang kancil turn back to fight a pack of dogs which was hounding it. The rest is history as they say.

Now we would like Abdul Hamid to re-enact history by fighting back.

Ferdtan: Our First Lady, the power behind the throne of premiership, should follow the example of past Chinese empress dowagers who ruled the country behind a male puppet emperor.

They would sit behind veiled curtain but make the decisions unseen, only heard. Who says that women in this country are inferior?

Gggg: Firstly, the PM didn't complain about her being there (at high-level meetings), so there is nothing to answer.

Secondly, it is also a blessing in disguise she is capable of giving her input, unlike the rest of the ‘yes men’ in the cabinet.

Ipoh PP: I am waiting for answers to these questions direct from the person concerned, not from her aide, Rizal Mansor.

Meanwhile, the PM talked about ‘ democrazy ’ and everything else, but we want is for him to tell us about the RM2.6 billion in his bank account.

Anonymous_3e86: Yes, the same goes for Rosmah's husband, Najib Razak. So far, every other Umno minister has come up with their own versions of what the RM2.6 billion was for.

First a minister said it was to ensure BN remains in Putrajaya, which means the money was used for GE13.

Then another minister said it was to fight IS (Islamic State). After that, another said it was to fight the Jews and DAP.

Meanwhile, Najib himself has not said a single word of what the money was used for.

Carpe Diem: While I welcome this exposè, another part of me is asking why now?

This is not something recent, isn't it? But it comes out now because it can be used as a bargaining chip... at least that is how I see it.

Civil servants must understand that they have to make a principled stand from the get-go and not when the s**t hits the fan. Then only can this abuse be contained.

Doc: I think Malaysiakini should highlight more and more articles pertaining to "the life, times and scandals of Rosmah Mansor".

This will surely increase Malaysiakini' s subscription rates by leaps and bounds with a massive influx of Rosmah cyber troopers flocking to Malaysiakini's comment section to defend her "maruah".

Also these Rosmah cyber troopers do provide good comedy relief to the readers of the comment section with their warped sense of loyalty to Rosmah, not to mention their hilarious and nonsensical postings.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation for Malaysiaki ni (financially) and to their diehard readers.

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