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PM, did Maria put RM2m in her bank account?

YOURSAY ‘Najib, you are the PM, not Bersih. Your accounts were being probed, not Bersih's.’

Najib: Bersih hypocritical in asking me about RM2.6b

Pemerhati: Earlier we heard that US$681 billion came into Malaysia and it was deposited into PM Najib Razak’s account. Then US$650 billion was allegedly taken out of Najib’s account and it left the country.

Now we hear from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the US$1.4 billion that was allegedly paid by 1MDB (a state-owned fund controlled by Najib) to International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) had gone missing.

Only Najib can explain the reason for the movements of more than US$2 billion (or more than RM8 billion) of the money, which belongs to the people of Malaysia.

He and his lackeys in 1MDB have repeatedly refused to answer the many questions regarding 1MDB and the reasons for the movement of such large sums of money. He has even sacked the DPM and a senior minister for asking reasonable questions on this matter.

Basically: Najib, you are the PM, not Bersih 2.0. You were overseeing 1MDB that owes billions in debt, not Bersih. Your accounts were being probed, not Bersih's.

Furthermore former Umno leader Anina Saaduddin claims your 'donation' was not reflected in the audited party accounts. I do not recall you denying that, nor has the Registrar of Societies (ROS) taken any action where it has been so vigilant against trivial discrepancies in other organisations.

So why hide behind Bersih? I know Umno leaders always point to others' failure when cornered, but this one is truly the most pathetic by far.

WDA: Before you slam Bersih, we would advise you to consider two things. Firstly, the RM2 million is not kept in Maria Chin's personal bank account unlike the RM2.6 billion, which was found in yours.

Secondly, the amount RM2 million is small, only 0.08% of your RM2.6 billion. Are you saying that you will disclose the source of your RM2.6 billion so-called ‘donation’ and how you spent them, if Bersih was to do the same?

Be clear on that because I am 100 percent sure Bersih will take you up on that offer.

Simple Malaysian: Najib, please do not make a fool of yourself. You received RM2.6 billion and took a good while before you got your minions to come up with all sorts of stories before finally saying it was a ‘donation’ from some mysterious Arab philanthropist.

As far as I know, Bersih raised its money through donations from its supporters (who incidentally are a result of Najib's own disrepute) and I believe (do correct me if I am wrong) Bersih have said that the list of donors are available at its premises.

Turvy: That a man alleged of, and against whom the evidence - in his own admission - of a wrongful act is so clear, can continue to serve in the highest political office of the country pushes one to despair and lose all confidence in the rule of law.

Of course, he can only do this because those appointed to safeguard the nation against such crookedness are all neutered or complicit in his offence.

Worse still, those who should act are now invoking race and holding up racial conflagration as an answer to legitimate complaints about the offence. It would seem that we have become hostages to those who are appointed to rule on our behalf.

Oh Ya?: Mr PM, if you are so upright why did you dare not attend the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) to convince your critics?

Your ‘donations’, even if we accept that it is really a ‘donation’, touches on some serious and fundamental issues.

You admitted that it came from a foreign party and was used for GE13. How could an independent country accept foreign donations for elections?

How can the nation’s laws allow RM2.6 billion in election expenses? Was the RM2.6 billion used to buy votes?

This must be the biggest treachery in kankung land's history. In any democratic country, not only you but the ruling government would have resigned a long time ago.

Only in the self-proclaimed most democratic kangkung land can you still can continue to mislead and fool the people, especially the kampung folks whom you are supposed to uplift.

StraightTalk: As usual, Najib keeps dodging from giving any satisfactory answers to the question of why the colossal sum of RM2.6 billion received as donation, as claimed by him, from some exceptionally philanthropic Arab or from some Middle Eastern country should go into his personal bank account.

If it was political funding, how come his deputy or his party (Umno) members did not know anything about it. Why was it not disclosed to the party's supreme council members?

Nobody is asking about political funds or donations received into the designated bank accounts of political parties or NGOs.

There is no problem with that as the executive committee or the central committee of the political party or the NGO is made aware of the donations or funds received and how it was used.

Indeed, the PM need not go on with his rhetoric that the opposition politicians were not in favour to his proposed law reform on political funding.

Ipohcrite: The so-called justification by Najib, in comparing the RM2.6 billion in his bank account to Bersih's funding, confirms what the rakyat have suspected all along.

That is, our PM is simply incorrigible despite having been chided by the international community. And now, the entire cabinet is complicit in the RM2.6 billion debacle too.

From Penang: Shame on the PM for making a misleading comparison - he pretended that his personal bank account is the same as the bank account of a political party or an NGO.

He pretended that his personal accountability as the country leader is the same as that of the NGOs’ and opposition parties’.

Hang Babeuf: "I am determined, you are pig-headed and stubborn; I am compassionate, you are a wimp; I am holding myself to generous and convenient standards that suit me that I do not apply to those whom I criticise, but you are just hypocritical... etc."

Sorry, Najib, this is self-serving rubbish. You are either smart enough to know it, or else too obtuse to see it, and therefore too stupid to be the nation's prime minister. It's your choice.

Sea of difference between PM’s donation and Bersih’s

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Sea of difference between PM’s donation and Bersih’s

PM, did Maria put RM2m in her bank account?

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