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Sea of difference between PM’s donation and Bersih’s

YOURSAY ‘The former were donations, while the latter were illicit funds.’

Najib: Bersih hypocritical in asking me about RM2.6b

Simon: I believe there is one glaring difference between you, PM Najib Razak, and Bersih and that is, you are the finance minister who is in complete control of the government funds which belong to Malaysian taxpayers.

Bersih on the other hand has no control of the taxpayers’ money. As such, we have every right to question where you got the money from, especially when large amounts of funds are missing from 1MDB, which again is under your jurisdiction.

If you have not figured that out then you don't deserve to be the PM.

Odin Tajué: Najib, you have continued to insult Malaysians who are informed, intelligent, and not subservient to you and your corrupt, fascist regime. Since you have no respect for these Malaysians, then you do not deserve even an iota of respect from them, for respect flows both ways.

Some of your advisors must surely be monitoring Malaysiakini (and doubtless other independent news portals, too). You ought to ask them what sort of comments practically all readers of this news portal have made about or directed at you.

Except for the morons your propaganda unit employs and beyond doubt pays with Malaysian taxpayers' money to pollute this portal with their puerile, inane, nonsensical comments to support you, your wife and 1MDB, hardly any other readers have had anything good to say about you, and very many, in fact, have flung curses and unprintable words at you - all of which you more than deserve.

There is one major difference between the monies that Bersih 2.0 has received and those transferred into your personal bank accounts. The former were donations, while the latter were illicit funds - which cannot be anything but a fact, and stating it is a fact is apodeictic, as you have not the bollocks to sue The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Still holding the view that WSJ's report is veracious due to your obvious inability to take them to court for defamation, you have also illegally appropriated RM42 million from Strategic Resources Company International (SRCI) - a company under your Finance Ministry.

The US$680,999,986 transferred by Tanore Finance in two tranches into your personal bank accounts and the RM42 million from SRCI transferred first through Gandingan Mentari and then through Ihsan Perdana were certainly not donations.

You never said they were. All you said was that you had never taken public funds for your personal gain. When this matter raged into a scandal inferno, your moronic minions came up with the idea of trust fund and then donation. And even then, they came up with conflicting, incredulous reasons for the so-called donation.

The illicit funds from Tanore Finance were transferred into your personal bank accounts in March 2013, while the illicit funds from SRCI were transferred in December 2014 and February 2015. Even your own deputy at the material time was not aware of all these until after WSJ's report was published, in July 2015.

If they were indeed political donations, surely the one who was your deputy in your government and the number two in your political party must have been cognisant of the fact.

Since he was not, the funds cannot be political donations. They were not donations. They were funds acquired illicitly.

The only people who believe your incredibly implausible fabrications are the cretinous denizens of the cesspool that you are lord and master of.

Magnus: “When Bersih 4 gets their money and funds, they don't want to disclose their source,” said Najib.

Najib, Bersih is not a political party that can participate in a general election and win power to control Malaysia's parliament and government. So there is a big, big, difference between an NGO and a political party.

A huge difference in fact, and if you cannot see that, then you must be lying again or proving to everyone that you must indeed be an Umno cretin who has been over-promoted via Umno's disgusting supremacist, racist and nepotistic policies.

But in any case, you saying stupid things, as in this news report, and expecting others to actually believe your nonsense only goes to prove yet again that you have zero merit or credibility to be Malaysia's prime minister.

So the sooner your fellow citizens kick you out from that role, irrespective of what the risks might or might not be, the better it will be for them and for the economy and country.

Grey Matter: Dear PM, you claim that the law to regulate political donations could not be passed as the opposition did not agree, then how come you have managed to pass laws such as Sedition Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota) and some other laws to restrict transparency and political dissent, way into the wee hours of the morning although they have been opposed by the public and the opposition?

The public can only assume that this is misleading as BN never cared what others think when then want to pass a law to their benefit. Secondly, let me remind you that you are a public officer and a servant and you are answerable to the rakyat who pay your salary and not Bersih or any other persons who is not paid by the rakyat.

This is a really a big difference that you or your lackeys don't seem to understand, hence one cannot expect you to act honestly with integrity as this is alien to an allegedly corrupt Umno.

Versey: Any right person entrusted with mandate to hold such important position to govern the nation ought to be able to see the difference, isn't it?

PM is a public servant mandated with trust and authority to manage the nation's resources for the people. Thus it's important for him to be clean and accountable, that his wealth matches his lawful income.

RM2.6 billion was deposited into the PM's personal account before GE13, from a non-citizen without any public announcement, raise question of sovereignty. Whereas Bersih is an NGO supported by the rakyat to voice their concerns.

Its office bearers aren't public servants. Bersih's collection of money mainly came from the sale of T-shirts and cash donations in the form of a few ringgit to maybe a few thousands from thousands of ordinary rakyat and the money was deposited into the organisation's bank account, not an individual's personal account.

Real Truth: Najib, you are elected and answerable to the rakyat, to each and every Malaysian.

Not only Bersih is asking the RM2.6 billion question, the whole world is asking. You as a leader of a nation are not answering the question, and yet you want the rakyat to answer.

PM, did Maria put RM2m in her bank account?

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Sea of difference between PM’s donation and Bersih’s

PM, did Maria put RM2m in her bank account?

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