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Umno man: Case closed, stop dragging PM through the mud
Published:  Jan 27, 2016 12:12 PM
Updated: Jan 28, 2016 10:22 AM

Cheras Umno division leader Syed Ali Alhabshee has urged the political adversaries of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to cease their attacks.

"His opponents have dragged him through the mud and repeatedly tried to tarnish his image by spewing venom against him. His family was also not spared.

"But this has to stop now," he said in a blog post.

Syed Ali said independent investigations into the allegations of corruption have cleared the prime minister of any wrongdoing.

"It's time for us to respect it," he added.

Following attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali's announcement that there were no grounds to press charges, Najib said the time has come to put the issue behind and forge ahead.

Commenting on this, Syed Ali said the prime minister's request for Malaysians to unite and move on is justified.

However, the issue might not rest so soon since the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has indicated that it might appeal Apandi’s decision.

The commission's special operations director Bahri Mohd Zin also described the cases as straightforward.

The MACC had investigated the RM2.6 billion and SRC International Sdn Bhd's RM42 million transferred into the prime minister's personal bank accounts.

Najib has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and blamed the allegations of corruption on those plotting to topple him.

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