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Yoursay: Najib's men in PDRM still pulling the strings?

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YOURSAY | ‘Arshad, please continue to keep both allegations and police reports alive.’

Yoursay: Patriot urges cops to state probe status against CIA letter author

Roger 5201: I fully agree with Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot) president Mohamed Arshad Raji that Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) chief Hasanah Abdul Hamid should be questioned for her partisanship as a civil service director-general.

Her letter to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) amounts to high treason, so why is the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) inexplicably silent? Where is their transparency and accountability to the Malaysian public who are demanding an answer?

Anonymous_1421806811: I agree with Patriot. The letter is definitely treacherous. What Hasanah had done was ask the CIA and the US to close both eyes should former premier Najib Razak win by a few seats and turn the country into a dictatorship.

Najib had all the hallmarks of a dictator - abundant personal wealth, buying loyalty, using oppressive laws to destroy the opposition, a gangster squad to do his dirty work, the attorney-general, Election Commission and the Registrar of Societies all under his thumb, an antagonistic propaganda machinery, developing a cult personality for himself and turning the judiciary into a pro-Umno body.

God is indeed great and granted Pakatan Harapan a stunning victory. Had Najib won by a few seats, Malaysia would be ruled by a dictator. Action must be taken against this woman.

Anonymous_1421806811: Study the dictators of Latin American countries and their covert "arrangements" with the CIA, who did nothing while these dictators raped their own countries.

The CIA only ever intervened when US interests were compromised, or when these dictators began to play both sides - friend and foe alike (Najib was moving in that direction with his China-US stint).

To me, Hasanah's letter is treacherous because it would have led to a dictatorship had BN won by a few seats. However, the courts will have to decide whether the letter is treason or not, and it is for this reason that Hasanah must be probed and charged.

MariKitaUbah: Why is the PDRM so quiet now? Why are they not taking any actions against Hasanah? Instead, PDRM is investigating who leaked the letter. It should have been the other way round.

The rakyat wants to see action taken over the treacherous letter. The person who gave the instructions must also be brought to justice. What's the Home Ministry doing? The rakyat is watching.

Jasmine: Dear Arshad, please continue to keep both the allegations and police reports alive. It is increasingly evident that the Pakatan Harapan government has no political and moral will to change how the police continue to conduct themselves.

Their talk of being transparent and being against cover-ups were mere words when some of them were opposition members.

Now these very people are ministers, but hardly a day goes by without their false pretences and claims being exposed as hypocrisy. Why?

If an ordinary citizen or an NGO had written a somewhat similar letter as Hasanah's to one of the foreign embassies here, the inspector-general of police (IGP) and his boys in blue would have broken down doors, arrested people in the wee hours of the night, detained them for days or weeks, given stupid press statements, and the harassment would continue unabated.

Is there any sign of change? Again, it’s about leadership. And the people are waiting.

Anonymous 2439891477538802: Based on the events that have transpired so far, it appears that for some reason, the PDRM and the home minister are afraid to investigate Hasanah on a matter that may affect national sovereignty and security.

Action on Patriot's police report may only be forthcoming when Parliament proposes a bill on the setting up of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

The IGP is doing the rakyat a disservice by remaining silent on this issue. MPs and ministers should remind him of his oath of loyalty to the nation.

Ferdtan: Bravo to Arshad Raji for stating the ugly and the obvious (in spite of 'new Malaysia'). The PDRM is conspicuously silent and slow on investigations into many issues where police reports had been made against BN leaders.

We must keep on putting pressure on the department heads, and in this case the IGP, for them to do the job they are paid to do. Otherwise, we may suspect their loyalty to the new government.

As another example to Hasanah's case, Segambut MP Hannah Yeo recently reminded the authorities (meaning the IGP?) of the many reports of corruption on many parcels of Kuala Lumpur land that had been sold, allegedly with criminal intent. We have had no updates by the police on the status of the investigations.

Are they afraid because the Umno leader involved was a VVIP? It is time for the revamp of the whole police force. Thankfully, we have a brave soul like retired brigadier general M Mohamed Arshad Raji to voice the issues. Salute.

Fighting for Justice: The PDRM is still protecting Najib Razak. The reason is obvious, just like in the other cases. The PDRM will not act. Even though Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the prime minister, the civil service and uniformed services are still loyal to Najib.

That is why Najib still looks very confident.

Anonymous_1432967013: PDRM personnel are not listening to Mahathir, because if they were, they would not have investigated the whistleblower. This is because Mahathir has promised to protect whistleblowers.

Cocomomo: Hopefully the police are already investigating. The Harapan government should make it such that elements of the previous corrupt regime are not allowed to still control the police and government officials.

Those who do not fall line with the New Malaysia (if there is really is a new Malaysia?) should be terminated and are not allowed to frustrate efforts to rid Malaysia of racism, religious bigotry and corruption.

Bornean: Remove the current IGP, then you will see progress.

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