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Official: BN retains Cameron, Ramli to be first Orang Asli MP

BN has won the Cameron Highlands by-election and its candidate Ramli Mohd Nor will become the nation's first Orang Asli member of Parliament.

Officials results have Ramli winning with a majority of 3,238 votes, after bagging 12,038 votes in total.

His closest contender, Pakatan Harapan's M Manogaran, secured 8,800 votes.

Independent candidates Wong Seng Yee and Sallehudin Ab Talib garnered 276 votes and 314 votes respectively. They will not retain their deposits.

Turnout was 68.79 percent, the highest in any by-election following the 14th general election.

Follow Malaysiakini's live coverage of the results here.

This is BN's first win in a by-election since the 14th general election.

It also marks a continuing trend in by-elections where incumbent parties retain their seats.

As for Manogaran, this is his third defeat in Cameron Highlands. This is the first time he had contested as a candidate representing the ruling coaliton.


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Official: BN retains Cameron, Ramli to be first Orang Asli MP