Yoursay: Lifting of Seremban beer ban shows patronage culture must stop


Modified 27 Mar 2019, 4:31 am

YOURSAY | 'Any club should be managed by its members, not dictated to by politicians.'

Seremban golf club members overturn alcohol ban at EGM

Lodestar: It is great that the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) at the Seremban International Golf Club (SIGC), which comprises members of all races, voted unanimously for religious tolerance.

Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun should now resign from his position as SIGC president, and he will not be missed.

Trying to force others to adopt your religious practices on the basis of your sensitivity is not the Malaysian way.

For the upcoming Rantau by-election, Umno and PAS could politicise this incident as an instance of Islam under attack. If so, they should be countered by the proper messages from Pakatan Harapan leaders.

What is worrying is that many Harapan leaders, like this MB, have no religious tolerance, while others are too scared to speak up.

The Fog of Life: Consuming alcohol is not illegal in Malaysia. Those who want to drink should be free to do so.

We should not impose our personal values on others. I am a Muslim and I do not drink alcohol. I am able to visit plenty of establishments that do not sell alcohol. Why should I be offended if someone else wants to visit places where alcohol is served?

Your life, your choices. My life, my choices. Let's respect each other's choices and do not rush to judgment.

PW Cheng: Stop the culture of patronage. Clubs and associations don't need politicians to adorn them.

Politicians are more of a bane than a boon in such situations, as they will do everything and anything for their survival in politics, rather than doing any good for the club or associations.

By right, any menteri besar, chief minister, ministers, deputy ministers, or politicians holding high office in the government should be banned from being appointed to any post in clubs, associations or societies as it is deemed to have a conflict of interests.

The Wakandan: For Aminuddin to say that the alcohol ban at SIGC was imposed because of the need to respect the Muslim population around the area is the most ridiculous demand with unreasonable logic.

Though not an alcohol drinker myself, there is no reason to stop anyone who likes to have a drink in the club. Why should this encroach upon the sensitivities of Muslims around the area, especially as this is done on exclusive premises? What’s the problem?

Drinking alcohol has been totally and comprehensively demonised by some quarters in this country. I doubt very much whether they know what they are talking about or even objecting to.

Come on, it is just somebody having a drink. You do not have to look into their glass to know what they are drinking, nor are they intruding on your privacy by doing it. In fact, you are intruding into theirs by controlling what they should drink.

It is so ridiculous that we certainly make a fool of ourselves by making impractical demands. What is the purpose of this, other than the pervert innate satisfaction of controlling what other people do?

Vgeorgemy: This unanimous decision to overturn the alcohol ban imposed by the club's committee, which is headed by Negeri MB Aminuddin, is nothing but a triumph over the tyranny of the majority to protect the cultural rights of the minorities and marginalised.

The tyranny of the majority (or the tyranny of the masses) is an inherent weakness of majority rule, in which the majority of the electorate can and does place its interests above and at the expense of those in the minority.

Jasmine: Bravo and congratulations to the SIGC members. Not so to the eunuchs in the committee. In fact, this decision should have been taken months ago, but better late than never.

Any club should be managed by and support the interests, well-being and welfare of its members, not dictated to by politicians who merely espouse ideas and fearmongering for their own political expediency.

The club’s president should resign immediately and stick to running the state government.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Let this be a warning to Harapan. What happened in Seremban is a microcosm of what will happen to you if you are hell-bent on this path of intolerance.

A vote for Harapan was a vote for moderation and tolerance. Do not make the mistake of taking the voters of all races for granted when formulating your narrow and intolerant policies.

For 63 years under BN, this never took place. We voted for a moderate coalition which is now turning out to be worse than PAS.

You have Amanah in your midst. That party stands for moderate and inclusive thinking. In less than a year, elements in Harapan have metamorphosed into the monster we voted out. Better change back now. Quick.

PM says 'good' will be kept, 'funny' rejected with UN treaties

Norman Fernandez: Unless anyone plans to engage in:

1. Genocide;

2. Crimes against humanity;

3. War crimes; or

4. Crimes of aggression

You don’t have to be worried (about UN conventions).

Old Fella: With great respect, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad must read the Rome Statute and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) himself before he asks his government to let him comment publicly.

Love Malaysia 2: Dear me, what can I say. All Malaysians have the same rights. People cannot choose their genetic makeup, and calling non-heterosexuals “funny” is beyond a joke.

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: What is the relevance? The monarch is crying foul on violation of constitutional rights, Malay privileges, and the social contract, but Mahathir is crowing about 'funny' people.

The sexual orientation of Malaysians must not be a red herring to divert attention from other issues. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community is rendered protection by international conventions.

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