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SPECIAL REPORT: Never Ending Policy

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It all began with Malaysiakini's Sept 23, 2006 news report 'Study: 30% bumi equity target exceeded'. What follows is a heated national debate on the 35-year-old New Economic Policy - the lynchpin of Barisan Nasional's political platform.

Sept 23, 2006

Study: 30% bumi equity target exceeded

Sept 27

Reveal bumi equity calculations, govt told

Bumi equity: Prof disputes study

Sept 28

Asli responds to comments on bumi equity study

18.9% or 45%, poor Malays will remain poor

Sept 29

Prof vs Asli: Shamsul clarifies

Oct 2

NEP will destroy the Malays

Oct 7

Awang Adek questions Asli study

Oct 9

Umno veep: Asli's study will 'confuse' Malays

Oct 10

Halting aid to Malays courts chaos: Dr M

Oct 11

Lim quits over Asli's report retraction

Was Asli pressured to back down?

NEP - more transparency please

Khairy to Asli: Damage done

Oct 12

Gov't tries to end racial debate, warning of tensions

Gov't cannot tolerate dissent: Gerakan leader

Mirzan not qualified to debunk equity study

Racialising research: The Asli report debacle

Oct 13

Asli row: Govt leaders acting like Nazis

Dr Toh, Shahrir - a few good gentlemen

Better if EPU gives more rationales: academic

Oct 14

Asli debacle: Najib's gag order smells fishy

Asli row: The people are the losers

Academic: NEP not hostile to foreign interests

Most Indians marginalised since pre-independence

Oct 16

PM issues stern warning, don't stir trouble

Of political dwarfs and intellectual giants

NEP issue: BN politicians doing the spin

Newspaper ads back Lim's courage

Make bumi shares like Malay reserve land

Oct 20

Equity: Umnoputera vs bumiputera?

60-40 formula for civil service proposed

Nov 1

Bumi equity hit NEP target 10 years ago

Nov 2

Reveal bumi equity methodology

Bumi, non-bumi firms equally hit by crisis

Nov 3

NEP equity methodology: Let's have it now

Nov 6

Stop disputing bumi equity methodology

Nov 7

Gov't: Bumi share ownership at 36.6%

Some details of NEP equity methodology unveiled

Nov 8

Gov't pressed to discontinue NEP

What about Indian share of corporate equity?

Penan left behind under NEP

Nov 9

Bumi equity: Lim 'not really' vindicated

'Scrap the NEP' pressures continue to mount

Nov 10

Financial giant: Need to fine-tune NEP

Nov 13

Bumi equity: Gov't retracts 36.6% figure

NEP to stay until national unity is achieved

Gov't appears to cook NEP figures

Nov 14

Bumi equity: Explanation yes, punishment no

Gov't methodology can improve: Ku Li

The gravy train called Crony Express

Nov 15

Did the World Bank endorse NEP methodology?

Who's right - Finance Ministry or EPU?

MCA Youth rejects extension of NEP

Nov 16

PM: We'll continue to pursue NEP objectives

NEP forever and beyond 30%

Nov 20

NEP an Umno gimmick to rob Malays: Anwar

Najib: NEP not a boon for the elite

Nov 29

Why par value measurement is flawed

Equity calculations: Set up expert panel

World Bank: We're not involved

Nov 30

World Bank denies, Awang Adek 'forgets'

Jan 5, 2007

Nazir: NEP review is critical


What Bangsa Malaysia?

NEP - It's not about percentages

The equity problem will just not vanish

Imagine ... no NEP

Asli's gift to academicians

Meaningless controversy over Asli study

Truth is not racist

A truth commission by omission?

The young boy and the old lady

Our Orwellian mindset

NEP a 'Never Ending Policy'

Statistics: Travesty of truth

Flaws in EPU's apparent methodology

Flaws in EPU apparent methodology (Part 2)

Further flaws in EPU methodology (Part 3)

NEP: Time for a change of mindset

Charting a course though rough waters


Below are a selection of letters from malaysiakini readers.

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