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In the past, when I read of something which is often sensationalized by the bunch of less than responsible politicians prevailing among us, I felt frustrated and helpless as there was practically nothing for me to do other than feel terribly depressed.

I have recently read this great work by Thomas Friedman, a three time Pulitzer-prize winning author, entitled The world is flat , which essentially propagates that in the new world, individuals have to learn to be more competent, society has to be more caring, business enterprises must be more efficient and collaborative, and governments eventually must be more accountable. The author has convincingly explained why it has to be so.

Now I know that I am living in a world that is made increasingly more equitable by the force of freely available technology and globalisation, and it is rightly so. Therefore, I have gotten over being frustrated and being unable to accept so many manipulated wrongs.

I appeal to all liberal thinking intellectuals to read the work of Thomas Friedman and receive hope arising from the assurance that those who manipulate for destruction will eventually fail.

Let hope prevail ahead of fear, as Friedman appropriately put it, otherwise humanity is meaningless.

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