Bersih 3.0: Do it not just in KL, but nationwide

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VOXPOP 'That way, people across the whole country can show their disgust at the corrupt people we have for a government.'

Bersih hints of another rally if polls reform fails

vox populi small thumbnail Ashoka PJ: Bersih 2.0 coordinator S Ambiga, do you seriously think they will implement all of Bersih's request?

If they do, they will definitely lose the election, so why should they risk it. If we seriously want BN out, we have to straighten out everything before GE13.

Gerrymandering is the worst of the lot . Constituencies have to be redelineated for a fairer distribution of voters. Illegals given ICs should be weeded out. Bogus/dead voters in the electoral pool should be removed.

Every problem must be tackled. We should not give BN another chance to rule this country. If we lose GE13, this country will go to the dogs and we are done in forever.

If we have to walk, then so be it. Are the students, NGOs, Bar Council, other opposition parties together with us on this? This time, we have to make it good.

Let's go for it folks. Bersih 3.0!

Kgen: There is not much we can do about gerrymandering now. Changing electoral boundaries is a long process.

But we should pressure the authorities on things which can be implemented immediately, like allowing overseas Malaysians to vote.

Make sure the Election Commission (EC) implements more transparent postal voting procedures to replace the hanky-panky we have now.

En2indian : Ambiga, at great risk to personal safety, your team is leading the fight for free and fair elections.

For the simple reason that losing the GE will mean persecution by the new government, the existing leaders will stop at nothing to win by fair means or foul.

If Bersih 3.0 is only held in Kuala Lumpur, the police will lock down KL as they did during Bersih 2.0 after declaring it illegal.

My humble request is for Bersih 3.0 to be held in every state capital, in stadiums if need be. That way, people across the whole country can show their disgust at the corrupt people we have for a government, while saving on time and money of having to go to KL.

Swkdayaks: This time, Bersih 3.0, I guarantee more Sarawak Dayaks will participate. So go ahead Ambiga. Bersih should also demand immediate free and fair media coverage for all the political parties.

It must demand that PM Najib Razak, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and leaders representing other political parties other than BN and Pakatan have a live debate before polling day in the coming general election.

This will help voters make an informed choice based on the policies of the different parties.

Multi Racial : My friends and I were there in Bersih 2.0. If Ambiga calls for Bersih 3.0, we will not only be there again but will come with more friends.

In Bersih 2.0, I was there marching from Jalan Sultan into the area in front of Maybank headquarters. The estimated number there alone was already more than 50,000 people, not including those in other areas. The police estimated 6,000 people, which was really a joke. Either they lied or were misinformed.

Even if police were misinformed; they could have corrected it after they have seen all the video clips on Bersih 2.0. The turnout was easily 10 times more than what the police estimated. In any case, there is no point arguing with them.

For Bersih 3.0, let make no mistake on that - we will come in such a big number that nobody can dispute the figure.

Anwar is for review of unIslamic sex laws, says PKR

Wira: Legalising homosexuality and not persecuting/prosecuting homosexuals are two distinctly separate issues. Trust the Umno media and their stupid merry men to spin the two together and make them as one.

MatrixLYN: Indeed, there's a huge world of difference between legalising homosexuality and reducing the anti-discriminatory stance towards gay people. Just because I don't discriminate gay people, doesn't mean I agree with them.

But what they do in their bedrooms is none of my concern. Is that so hard to understand?

Compass: Why should the state prosecute consensual homosexual acts Let the religious bodies enforce those laws against their followers.

After all, religions are against drinking and gambling too. Why doesn't the state ban drinking and gambling? Homosexual acts done in private is not the business of the state.

Umno is trying very hard to put words into Anwar's mouth, and yet no one arrested Chua Soi Lek for engaging in something against order of nature, which was admitted by the MCA chief himself.

Great Emperor: The Criminal Procedure Code states that having any kind of sex against the order of nature is a criminal offence.

So why wasn't Chua Soi Lek, the MCA boss, not charged for getting a 'blow job' which was caught on tape? This is sex against the order of nature too, but no, he was rewarded by the MCA and made president instead.

When it came to Anwar, even though there was no tangible evidence, he was demonised and 'convicted' even before the trial ended.

So long as Umno, BN and Perkasa keep the public's focus on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, they can continue to milk the cow called Malaysia for themselves.

Ruben: Anwar, please refrain from commenting on issues relating on sexuality and related matters. As you can see, your comments are now being spun by idiotic has-beens or sacked politicians, frogs who are jumping around, and the mainstream media again into attacks against you.

Worse, they are using religion and some so-called religious leaders to add credibility to these attacks.

Please concentrate on real issues affecting this beautiful country of ours like eradicating corruption, eliminating polarisation among races and likewise discrimination, promoting real economic growth, bringing back independence to our judiciary, enhancing transparency, accountability and good governance into the public and private sectors, etc.

Manjit Bhatia: Religion and politics have an indelibly historical and potent mix, like it or not. But I don't think Anwar cannot ever comment on matters of sex or homosexuality.

This issue has gotten traction now and is firmly entrenched in the public domain and in the minds of voters. So Anwar, I suspect, will try to find wriggle room whenever faced with such questions, and Umno-BN won't let up on him. Be sure of that.

Neither will the LGBT community, and rightly so. They want their human rights guaranteed too. Whatever stand Anwar takes on this issue, he's buggered anyway.

The diehard traditionalist-conservatives won't wear his liberalism and if he does not give recognition to the human rights of the LGBT community, he'll be considered a false liberal or a false moderate. Talk about getting one's knickers in a knot, eh?


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