IGP, what exactly are you doing in Lahad Datu?

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YOURSAY 'You say ‘we know what we are doing', but we don't know what exactly you are doing. You expect us to read your mind?'

We know what we're doing in Lahad Datu, says IGP

your say Cannon: This latest episode demonstrates the regime is incapable of safeguarding our nation's territorial integrity. Our rulers are unable to protect citizens not only from street crime but also from banditry.

The armed intruders who forced their way into Sabah occupied a village causing the villagers to flee for their lives. The safety and livelihood of these people were disrupted.

That idiot of a home minister has the cheek to declare the invaders "were neither militants nor terrorists."

Armed invaders entering the country illegally and defying the authority of the state are not considered militants, but peaceful protesters taking part in Bersih rallies are deemed a threat to security and public order.

How twisted this regime is - good is evil and evil is good. Malaysians need to put this regime out of its misery in GE13 otherwise no one is safe in our country.

Telestai!: "Earlier, (inspector-general of police) Ismail (Omar) urged the public not to be influenced by online reports on the standoff, which are being spread through social media networks."

The IGP gives a press conference but he is telling us nothing except not to worry because "we know what we are doing". At a time when the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) has lost much of its credibility, those words are indeed very comforting.

Anonymous #44199885: "We know what we are doing" - amazing wisdom from the police chief.

How is it that the police were swift in their thousands to defend with force the small patch of land known as Dataran Merdeka against Bersih, which was a peaceful movement of unarmed and friendly Malaysians (who are lawful citizens and owners of this country) but seem to be taking its time in dealing with armed intruders who have invaded our country and threatened our sovereignty?

Armageddon: So nice to people armed with guns but so eager to act aggressively on Malaysian carrying mineral water bottles and salt.

Oscar Kilo: You say "we know what we are doing", but we don't know what exactly you are doing. You expect us to read your mind?

Starr: The IGP says "we know what we are doing", but did the police know they were coming in with arms and assault weapons?

It's pathetic to say that when these armed men have clearly breached our borders without being detected by the police. How does the IGP expect the people to have confidence in his force, honestly?

Low Kok Kok: Men armed with weapons entering Malaysia, whether they are militants from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf, Al Qaeda, or armed forces from the United States, Philippines, China or North Korea, should be treated as "enemies of the state".

If Australian senator Nick Xenophon can be classified as an enemy of the state, why then these Sulu invaders are treated like honoured guests to Malaysia?

Baronhawk: Our police can shoot unarmed teenagers and women without much aplomb but does appear to show more trigger-discipline against armed foreign invaders.

Opah: Where has this group of invaders been getting their supplies from? Surely they could not have come into Malaysia complete with food and drink for 11 days. Has our tax money been used to feed them?

Paul Warren: Yes, give them MyKads and make them citizens. At the same time, get them on the electoral rolls so that they can vote for Umno in GE13.

I am sure they would not mind. The IGP is pathetic. All along they told us that there was only 100 of them. And then the Sulu sultan tells us there are 400 of them with only 20 armed.

LJC: The situation is under control, but under whose control?

Ending the Lahad Datu stand-off

Nicholas Lim: The so-called Sulu sultanate has no legitimate claim over Sabah. I believe under the United Nations Charter the right to self-determination trumps any historical claims and this right was already exercised by Sabah in 1963 with the referendum to form Malaysia.

The alleged rental Malaysia is paying to the supposed heirs of the Sulu sultanate is nothing more than compensation, ie ‘wang pampasan'. They are not the owners of Sabah.

For them to claim Sabah itself is disingenuous as their historical claim only covers parts of eastern Sabah. Further, the Sulu sultanate itself is not officially recognised by the Philippines or any international bodies.

This sultan wasn't even included in the peace negotiations between the Philippines government and the MILF, and he wants to claim sovereignty over the whole of Sabah? This claim is a joke and should be treated as such.

Onyourtoes: I think the Sulu sultan couldn't care less whether it is the Philippines or Malaysia, so long as he become the sultan and enjoy the perks in perpetuity.

If the Philippines government recognises the sultan, I am sure he will side with the Philippines, religion and race aside.

YF: The question that needs to be answered now is why is Umno taking such a long time to resolve this issue? There is either a strong armed presence or Umno is too incompetent to resolve this.

Either way, Umno comes out the losers as this would not have happened if they had stop siphoning public funds meant for our country's defence.

Obviously we don't need the Scorpene submarines, we need honest politicians who know how to do their job and defend our country.

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