PM, defend Sabah from instant citizens, too

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YOURSAY ‘Yes, defend Sabah we must, but that defence must include the state from being stolen or slipped away without our knowledge.'

Sabah will remain with M'sia forever, declares Najib

your say Mahashitla: Sabah and Sarawak will remain in Malaysia for a long time but never forever. If Putrajaya treated them as equals and respect their people so that they enjoy fair share of developments, then they can stay longer.

If Umno-BN continue to treat them as their safe deposits only to throw some crumbs and leave them backward and poor, then it won't be long for the rakyat there to rise up.

Sabah is particularly different as a high portion of its population was imported from the Philippines. The next generation of these instant citizens will make Sabah a hotspot, which could be worse than southern Thailand.

Starr: PM Najib Razak, before talking about defending Sabah, you must first explain why the intruders managed to slip onto our shores without being detected?

All these talks are pure rhetoric when 200 to 300 armed men can easily slipped through our defences, walked onto our shores and set up a military base in Kampung Tanduo before being noticed.

"Najib said he met with a group of Suluk community leaders in Tawau earlier and they pledged their loyalty to Malaysia."

Why the necessity for such a pledge? Like they say 'blood is thicker than water' and such a pledge is pure 'water'.

Creation of the 'special security areas' in the east coast of Sabah, which is saturated with illegal immigrants, is positive, though long overdue and so is the deployment of additional battalions.

More critically, the federal government must now take concrete steps to reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants, including actions to revoke the MyKads issued illegally and repatriate them.

The authorities can no long justify their inaction on account of the long coastlines. The dire security situation in Sabah is not only caused by external intrusions but also the internal threats given their sheer numbers.

Some of the intruders who have got away may have gone into hiding and are embedded among the local communities.

Vijay47: Why did you even have to say it, was there some doubt? Of course it makes copy and sound bites to be covered in Utusan Malaysia and TV3 .

I hope you thumped your chest bravely while saying all these words of assurance. By the way, are you as determined to keep Sabah (and Sarawak, I hope) in Malaysia forever as you are to retain Putrajaya - at all costs?

Cogito Ergo Sum: So, why did eight men have to die and leave their wives, widows and children, fatherless?

Had you taken this stand a month ago, these men in all probability would be alive. Your premise was that the intruders were Muslim brothers. It was a total miscalculation on your part, sir.

Fairnsquare: We should stand by our prime minister in taking this noble stand. We may have differences and political opinions, but real maturity can only be seen when emotional outbursts on political differences do not overtake loyalty to country.

If we voted the wrong people, we have ourselves to blame. Some good things have been done while also many wrongs. Good things we should cherish and the wrong we should expose and address.

That should be the promise of the next government. In this instance, the government has taken the right stand and we, as matured citizens, must support it.

Onyourtoes: Yes defend Sabah we must, but that defence must include the state from being stolen or slipped away without our knowledge. If we are not careful the whole of Malaysia may be stolen someday.

Anonymous #19098644L: Sabah is not for sale. We will not forget the sacrifices of the eigth men who died. Justice should be done and the culprits of the atrocities made to pay. Those who have infringed the sovereignty of the country must not go unpunished.

Anonymous #75854042: This is one strong and precise statement that we, the people of Malaysia, expect our prime minister to state - that Sabah will always remain part of the Federation of Malaysia forever.

The invaders must be wiped out for the their terror act.

Tonsommansabi: Well said PM, but as a Sabahan, I have enough of you as the Malaysian PM. What we are facing now in Sabah are the results of the evil and unethical deeds of Umno leaders who issued identity cards (ICs) to illegal immigrants, which made them instant citizens and voters.

Kadazan, Dusun, Murut (KDM) leaders such as Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Benard Dompok, Joseph Kurup and Maximus Ongkili should register their strongest protest against the Umno-led BN government by withdrawing their respective parties from the ruling BN coallition.

2 Tim 1:7: The enemy within was created by Project M whereby hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from Indonesia and the Phillippines were given blue ICs and enfranchised so that Umno could stay in power.

Usually an illegitimate government exists only to plunder and steal, and its policy-making is always centred on the pursuit of short-term goals. Men of good conscience and savvy technocrats will never offer to serve such a regime.

My prediction is that crisis such as Lahad Datu will erupt from time to time. Umno, in its determination to stay in power by hook or crook, has destroyed the idyllic calm that was Sabah and sowed the land with subversives who will rise up to challenge the armed forces and police.

Project M showed that Umno does not bother about the rule of law. The illegal immigrants have learnt the lesson. For them, the struggle is similar to two mafiosi factions fighting to control the turf.

Caripasal: Don't be so sure. Nothing is 100 percent in politics. They voted to join Malaysia 50 years ago and they can also vote to leave if they want to.

Bearing in mind many of the current Sabahan are not the natives but immigrants from Philippines who are now mad at the government.

Joe Fernandez: That's ketuanan Melayu talk. Both Sulu and Malaya will lose at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Only Sabah and Sarawak will win.

Malaysia stupidly went to the ICJ on Pulau Batu Putih, after Sipadan and Ligitan, thinking it can win again. Pulau Batu Putih proved that possession is nine-tenths of the law.

In the case of Sabah and Sarawak, it will be proven that the Malaysia envisaged in 1963 does not exist and what exists is Malaya masquerading as Malaysia and the written constitution of Malaya being passed of as the written constitution of Malaysia.

The ICJ will advise the United Nation (UN) Security Council to demand that Malaya get out from Sabah and Sarawak.

Telestai!: Yes, our hero. You should have put your foot down from day one instead of entertaining the terrorist to several rounds of talks.

Because they are your Muslim brothers, you ended up begging them to leave. When it comes to sovereignty, there is no compromise, Muslim brotherhood or not.

Malaysia ABU: Yes, we must defend Sabah at all costs from the armed intrusion and terrorism, but that is not all.

We must defend it from dubious citizens and voters, from greedy and corrupted politicians, from misused and siphoned out wealth, from bigoted federal politicians disrespecting the 1963 federation agreement within Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya.

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