The beginning of an insurgency in Sabah?

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YOURSAY 'Now it appears that we are fighting a guerrilla war, but this time it is not the communists but Muslim terrorists and insurgents.'

MNLF leader claims more fighters heading to Sabah

your say Ghkok: This report explains the background and context of the current conflict in Sabah.

Basically what happened was that Najib last year helped to facilitate the peace agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which is a group fighting for freedom in Mindanao.

The agreement was reported in our media which gave maximum publicity to Najib. Unfortunately, that agreement wasn't inclusive of the other groups, such as the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), etc.

They are now expressing their unhappiness for their non-inclusion in the peace process.

Anonymous_4056: God's judgement is upon Umno for supporting insurgencies in the Philippines and South Thailand where thousand of innocent life and blood was shed. Now, Malaysia is reaping what it has being sowing all along.

Zen: Despite the heroic effort of our security forces in fighting the Sulu invaders, the overall performance was appalling.

Appalling because despite the overwhelming force, the invaders managed to give the Malaysians the slip.

To contained the situation from spreading to other areas in Sabah, an effective anti-guerilla strategy must be formulated immediately because the Sulu invaders are determined to bring this crisis to the next level.

Apa Nama: "Many have slipped through the security forces," said Muhajab Hashim, chairperson of the MNLF's Islamic Command Council.

Our leaders are really fools if they kept repeating the same mistake. Having invaded by 100 plus intruders a month ago, these MNLF fighters are able to intrude into our territory at will.

What type of security that our force is providing to the Sabah coastal area? Do not be surprised that one day, the whole Malaysia could be invaded if such lax security is in place.

Anonymous_3e86: These Sulu people have been freely going in and out of the east coast of Sabah, even without travel documents. I am sure many even have Malaysian ICs (identity cards).

There are so many of them that they have "colonised" the place to be part of the Sulu kingdom. Now they have come over to officially claim it as theirs.

This would not have happened if Project IC was not covertly implemented by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Anonymous #02382443: I think our government should stop all payments due the so-called Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III.

By sending militants and violating our sovereignty, he has breach the agreement we inherited from the British North Borneo Company.

Anonymous #19098644: First they say the invaders are neither terrorist nor militants , then two days ago, they call them terrorists.

Then they said they had the situation under control, but the next day two Malaysian police commandos died. Then they said they were on top of the situation and another six police officers died.

Then they said they had the enemies encircled and dropped bombs and went in with armoured personnel carriers, and there were no bodies and no arrests as they have slipped the cordon.

Today, the truth is out. Our security is full of holes. They can't even protect themselves, let alone protect the rakyat.

Swipenter: Now it appears that we are fighting a guerrilla war but this time it is not the communists but Muslim terrorists and insurgents.

Are we going to see "new villages" coming back but meant for Muslim illegal immigrants or newly citizens created under Project IC?

This is a nightmare created by Umno politicians because of their greed for power and money.

You can start Project IC and turn a blind eye to the Tausag soldiers in Sabah but you can never control the consequences of your plan and actions.

Zen: This incident is a blessing in disguise to our security forces. It will not only bring back their glory days fighting the communist insurgents but also will provide real-life training for them since many of them has no battle experience for too long.

I hope the next bombing run will be more accurate and the next condoning process will be more effective.

ChaSL: The jet bombings are just for show, vital for propaganda showing the government is taking swift actions, finally.

The intruders know the terrain there like the back of their hands, more fighters are arriving from Sulu as well as from within Sabah.

Police chief and ministers, be prepared for guerrilla warfare, suicide bombers and booby traps. This is just the beginning of our nightmare.

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The beginning of an insurgency in Sabah?




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