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GE13 Watch - the mother of all battles
Published:  Mar 22, 2013 2:51 PM
Updated: May 6, 2013 12:32 PM

There are 222 parliamentary seats up for grabs, with the ruling BN currently holds 135 seats, Pakatan Rakyat, 75, and the other 12 going to independents and three other parties. Whichever coalition that wins 112 seats will claim power.

azlan Meanwhile, Pakatan controls four states - Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah, while BN has nine under its belt.

This election will see a huge number of new voters - an increase of three million, or 25 percent, since the 2008 GE, making it the biggest spike in Malaysia’s history.

Malaysiakini provides the following analyses on the seats, the states and the issues that matter in this mother of all battles.



Ordinary Malaysians, extraordinary day

Will the economy collapse if Pakatan wins GE13?

Inside the 505 generation - the youth vote

Najib's 'transformation' magic found wanting

Shadows of the past stalk GE13 campaign

BN's femme fatale - the power of women

People or party? Wooing civil servants

Buying support - Najib's 'commercialisation' of GE13

GE13 post-nomination revelations

Crossing the lines - BN's early strategic mistakes

15 key seats to watch in GE13

Who's in or out in BN's list

Najib's dilemma over selection of candidates

Chance for change? The possibility is there

PKR in many minds over Anwar's Perak foray

Rainforest graft a major focal point in GE13

Whither the Indian middle-ground politics?

Spectre of bias hovers over Malaysian vote

Will Pakatan suffer the Icarus complex?

Roadshow versus road rage in GE13



Padang Serai voters wary of 'frogs'

Mukhriz as MB can sway fence-sitters, survey finds

On paper, Pakatan should retain Kedah

PAS' confidence in Kedah may be its undoing



Three key Malay-majority seats in Penang finely poised

Uncertainties in Machang Bubok's six-corner battle

Protests mount in Penang by disgruntled BN hopefuls

Three Penang BN leaders declare war on coalition

Gerakan and MCA hope to avoid getting an 'egg'

In Penang, election time is also party time

'Truly transformational team' for Umno in Penang

Changes in Penang top leadership post-GE?  

Will Balik Pulau vote for an outsider as MP?

Battle in Malay, mixed areas - four seats to watch  

As its term ends, can Penang remain in Pakatan hands?  



PKR in bid to checkmate Tambun's 'grand master'

Gains for both sides after first half of campaign

Samy 'magic' may not work in Sungai Siput

Malay vote vital for Perak Pakatan two-thirds majority

Ngeh and Kula's camp go at it again

Samy still the muscle in Sungai Siput?

Does Pakatan still want Nizar as MB?

Nizar may move to Changkat Jering state seat



Bentong now within striking distance for DAP

Will Lynas plant be a major election issue?  



PAS looks for Malay support in Shah Alam

Selangor Malay belt a hive of activity

'Video stars and the corrupt become BN candidates'

Zul Noordin peddles 1M'sia sireh to Indians

To win, candidates must solve Kota Raja conundrum

Glomac CEO in crowded Selangor BN menteri besar list



Will Pakatan retain 10 out of 11 seats in KL?

Murder takes centre stage in PAS Putrajaya campaign

Pakatan needs 7pct vote swing to win Putrajaya



Race for N Sembilan heats up as house dissolves



Will Ali Rustam remain as Malacca CM?



PKR underdog threatens to unseat Umno Youth No 2

Pakatan leads in almost half of Johor targeted seats

Pakatan chips away at BN's last bastion of dominance

BN parrots 'Ubah' in Pakatan's only Johor foothold

Despite Chinese storm, Puad set to retain Batu Pahat

Multi-ethnic face for Pakatan's Kluang campaign

In battle for Labis, MCA legacy on Chua Jr's shoulders

'Malay nationalism' a hurdle for Johor Pakatan

Minister, ex-minister in tough battle for Segamat

Kit Siang walks the tightrope between ethnic groups

DAP seeks to reinforce presence in Johor

Ghani counterstrike could 'paralyse' Kit Siang

Gen Hashim adds four-star glitter to PKR cast

Multi-ethnic front, votes key to Pakatan hopes in Johor

Tan Sri vs Tan Sri battle building up in JB



Sabah Pakatan's four in the bag won't meet federal target

Pakatan inroads likely in BN's last bastion

Bajau votes stumbling block for Bumburing

Will PKR's gamble on Lajim pay off?

Revolt may threaten Pakatan's Sabah hopes

Opposition in Sabah a perfect storm or storm in a teacup?  

Only Sabahans should form state gov't, says SAPP



Najib and Anwar turn up the heat in Saratok

DAP's slow momentum picking-up in Sibu

All-out fight for Sibu on the cards

All eyes on Sarawak in GE13

Sarawak the battleground in contest for Putrajaya

Sarawak Pakatan aims to bag a dozen seats

Baram dam dampens Sarawak BN's spirits

Internal split is Sarawak BN's weakest link


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