Umno turns Gelang Patah into a racial battleground

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YOURSAY 'Muhyiddin should also let Malaysians know which party described Chinese women as prostitutes and Indians as beggars.'

Reject 'racist DAP', Muhyiddin tells Gelang Patah voters

your say Albertan98: Can you believe this man (Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin)? He called himself Malay first and Malaysian second.

He is from a party that chose Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin, a proven racist, to stand against incumbent PAS MP Khalid Samad in Shah Alam, and where Selangor BN coordinator Mohd Zin Mohamed declared that this was "transformation" ala BN style.

Do they understand what racism is? Do they even understand English?

Jiminy Qrikert: Muhyiddin must think the 6,000 Chinese teachers at the meeting in Johor Bahru are as stupid as he is for not knowing that racism in Malaysian politics was developed by Umno and perfected under former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Muhyiddin should also let Malaysians know which party is the one that labelled Chinese as ‘pendatangs' and Chinese women as prostitutes and Indians as beggars.

But then as Mahathir has always insisted 'Melayu mudah lupa' so we cannot expect Muhyiddin to remember all these, including his 'Malay first' statement.

Muhyiddin campaigning for BN in Gelang Patah is a fatal mistake. Fielding MCA leader Jason Teoh is meant to split the Chinese vote (54 percent) but 'Malay first' Muhyiddin will remind the Chinese there that BN continues to play the race card while the majority of Chinese have already moved away from the race-centric thinking in their desire for a better Malaysia.

Chinese there and all across Malaysia accept that the PM and the MB will always be Malay at least for the foreseeable future but for a self-confessed Malay supremacist to accuse DAP of being racist is the stupidest thing to do.

Even Malays today do not believe this lie. Now, Gelang Patah Chinese will rally behind Lim Kit Siang not because DAP champions Chinese issues but because DAP is part of Pakatan Rakyat and Pakatan is headed by Anwar Ibrahim with the promise of a better Malaysia for all Malaysians regardless of race.

And Malays will rally behind Lim Kit Siang because they are sick of Umno's lies and constant poisoning of their minds and emotions.

Onyourtoes: Muhyiddin, which DAP leaders have declared themselves Chinese, Indian or Malays first?

DAP has always fought for all Malaysians. Fighting for equality among Malaysians is not racist, divisive and chauvinistic. But those who are determined to preserve their monopoly of power, exclusivity and supremacy, they are racist, jingoistic and fascist.

A real racist is one who will do all things to prevent the emergence of true Malaysians.

Fairnsquare: Screening ‘Tanda Putera' to selected audiences and supporting Perkasa are racial activities. DAP was not involved in such activities. How can they be termed as racial?

One thing is correct, Johoreans are not racial. We ‘anak' Johor are brothers to all races and will not let anyone divide us.

Clever Voter: This is the man who aspires to be the next PM. If we are careless in our choice, he could most probably realise his ambition sooner rather than later.

Ablastine: Voting BN into power means getting Muhyiddin as the next prime minister. But how can we have a prime minister who already declared he is Malay first and Malaysian second in a multiracial country?

A prime minister is suppose to look after all citizens and not just the race he belongs to. Can we afford to have such a racist in a position of considerable power? Vote wisely.

Fz2379: I don't think Lim Kit Siang is afraid of Umno but the fact that his opponent in the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat is the outgoing MB Abdul Ghani Othman, makes him ‘regrets it' as he was hoping a showdown with a MCA candidate.

He was disappointed that both Mahathir and MCA chief Chua Soi Lek did not entertain his ‘school-like' challenge to take him on in Gelang Patah. That explains why he lambasted MCA for ‘running away' from Gelang Patah.

And he was expecting MCA would field its candidate because he was confidence of winning. However, BN is not Pakatan. BN allocates the seats by consensus while Pakatan's components namely DAP, PKR and PAS scramble for it, putting individual interest above the coalition.

Lim intention to wipe off Johor MCA now hinges on his performance. If he wins against heavyweight Ghani, he will be seen as a hero to DAP followers and members; but if he loses, it will mark the end of his political career.

Anonymous #76965586: This another example of how racial issues are being manipulated by BN. Are we (especially Malays) going to allow these people to fool us, time and again?

Kingfisher: Many who have closely followed Muhyiddin' s political views about multiracialism in Malaysia since he became DPM will immediately recall his statements of wisdom as being very relevant in his warning about Lim being a racist.

One is left wandering as to from which moral well he draws the strength of conviction in making such an unwise and false personal statement.

Quigonbond: Muhyiddin is obviously tripping over himself. If everyone in Johor knows Kit Siang is racist, divisive, etc, and Jason Teoh is good, then what's the problem letting Jason contest?

Also, is he speaking on behalf of MCA or is he justifying how Umno has bulldozed MCA on this matter?

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