Indians should give Zul the kiss of death

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YOURSAY 'So Zul has vowed to take care of the welfare of Indians... This is like putting a paedophile to be in charge of kindergartens.'

Najib: Zul Noordin will take care of Indians' welfare

your say Quigonbond: The problem with Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin is that he looks like and talks like a brute. Even when he apologises, you can't help but think there is simply an ulterior motive.

His words are cutting and hurtful, and as a litigator, he minces no words. Compared with Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali, although Ibrahim said hurtful things too, he always backs down and justifies his emotions getting the better of him - and after a while, people just treat him like a clown.

Not with Zul. Zul is dangerous. He is worse than the Australian product called Pauline Hanson.

Incumbent PM Najib Razak just scored an own goal again with his remark that Indians are kissing Zulkifli. I can imagine that will infuriate a lot of Indians. He can kiss goodbye to Indians returning to BN fold.

Tehachapi: Are there no capable leaders other than Zul to take care of Indian welfare? For Najib to say that Zul is the best person for this job smacks of arrogance and contempt.

First, Zul has no love for Indians or Hinduism. He is ignorance about the spirituality and deep meanings of Hinduism and yet a great many Indian compatriots are adherents of Hinduism.

Second, to serve the Indians well in this country, you need to have the humility of a servant. Does Zul show any of these admirable attributes?

Ferdtan: There are over 500 comments on this article - I believe this is one of the records for Malaysiakini . This shows Najib has made a big mistake for selecting Perkasa's Zulkifli Noordin to stand as the BN candidate in Shah Alam.

This may result in BN losing votes in nearby areas around Shah Alam where Indian voters are sizable.

The Indian voters in Shah Alam (14%) and the surrounding areas are: N40 Kota Amggerik (11.9%), N41 Batu Tiga (17%), P109 Kapar (14.4%), N42 Meru (12.4%), N43 Sementa (25.7%), N44 Sungai Pinang (5.9%), P110 Klang (19.8%), N46 Pelabuhan Klang (18.4%), N47 Pandamaran (16.2%), N48 Kota Alam Shah (25.2%), P111 Kota Raja (29.5%), N49 Seri Andalas (35.5%), and N50 Sri Muda (22.5%).

The Indians nearby will punish BN for their arrogance of putting Zul, a known Hindu basher, as its candidate.

Najib, in trying to justify the selection of Zul, comes up the most classic excuses. He said: "There are Indians who have even kissed him already."

Who would do that when he is the one who insulted the Indians? It is possibly the people from MIC or from the Hindraf's P Waythamoorthy gang (grateful for the signed memorandum of understanding by Najib and Umno) who were the ones who kissed Zulkifli.

He added that Zul has vowed to take care of the welfare of Indians and build temples, schools for the Indians. Would Zul build temples for the Indians? Why? Is it so that he can make jokes about them again?

This is just like putting a paedophile to be in charge of kindergartens.

Gerard Lourdesamy: The Indians are giving Zul Nordin the kiss of death before they vote him out come May 5.

The only temples and Tamil schools that this avowed racist and religious bigot will approve will be in some swamp on the outskirts of Shah Alam next to a drain or oxidisation pond, away from precious Muslim sensitivities.

Only three weeks ago, he called Indians "keling" and the ‘Baghavad Gita' as the "keling" holy book. Is that something that can be forgotten and forgiven given that he keeps repeating such derogatory and seditious words?

Would Malays/Muslims tolerate similar statements from Indians insulting their religion and forgive so easily? If Zul wins in Shah Alam it proves that the Malays do not want peace or harmony and support extremism.

P Dev Anand Pillai: The Chinese leadership in Singapore promotes the Indians, makes them deputy PMs, chief justices and gives many more important cabinet positions and the Indians in Singapore are doing well so much so that our BN-loving Indians flock to Singapore to work.

But unfortunately, when it comes to the vote, the Indians seem so indecisive and are unable to think. Ask yourself: Are you any lesser than the Malay? Wake up and think before you cross the ballot papers.

The Indians in Pasir Gudang have been told to wait for their ICs - perhaps for another 56 years. This is the ‘nambikei', Najib style.

Anonymous 007: I had to support my children through university whereas my colleagues who are earning the same salary as me, are able to obtain scholarships for themselves and their children.

Then you ask me to vote for BN? Is this fair? Who are the majority of people who do not pay their loans? How come? And you ask me to vote for BN?

Whatsup: What a farce. Najib is one of the biggest crooks who promise to stop corruption, not before but after GE13.

How could it be possible for him not to steal after having stolen so much? And now he wants to put a racist and anti-Indian to manage Indian affairs?

If the Indians believe this story, let them support Hindraf and don't go crying and demanding for justice when this racist turn the Indians into slaves. I pity you all. Yet again, betrayed by yet another Indian.

'1Malaysia Farce', starring Najib, Zul and Ibrahim

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