'1Malaysia Farce', starring Najib, Zul and Ibrahim

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YOURSAY 'Just imagine - Zulkifli Noordin appointed to take care of Indian welfare and Ibrahim Ali appointed to take care of Chinese welfare.'

Najib: Zul Noordin will take care of Indians' welfare

your say Milosevic: Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin, two distasteful ethnic fascists, are vital for Umno. They represent Ketuanan Melayu, and serve Umno's need to assert Malayness and Islam as hegemonic concepts in Malaysian society.

Since some Indian and Chinese support is also required, Najib needs to be careful and indirect in his approach.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is sidelining Najib's agenda. They both need each other. They are fighting desperately to maintain Umno power for they cannot risk scrutiny into their affairs.

Umno lost the middle ground it held for so many decades after it became corrupt, intellectually feeble and authoritarian. It has no intrinsic moral appeal and so projects virtue in defending religion, race and royalty.

The opposition is smart to portray Mahathir has the mastermind behind Umno and to make Najib look like a weak puppet. That is the right strategy, but we should not be confused about Umno's well-thought-out approach.

Cantabrigian: Najib said, "Forget about the remarks he has made. He has apologised."

Najib, you are underestimating the damage that has been done by Zulkifli's statement. He may have insulted the deities worshipped by the Hindus, but you Najib, have insulted the Indians even worse by telling them to simply forgive Zulkifli just like that.

Najib is treating Indians as pariah of the Malaysian society, but as usual, there will be some Indians who would still vote for BN and worship their new-found idol called 'Ringgit Malaysia'.

Rakyat-in-grief: Najib is pushing Zulkifli down the throat of Indians and rejoicing with his comment that the ultra racist will take care of Indians. He is ridiculing and insulting the Indian community and laughing at them.

It is the misfortune of the community due to the lack of strong leadership. Numbering only eight percent of the population, they are divided into eight parties; all lead by spineless/gutless leaders.

They are doomed because they still trust these Umnoputras after 56 years of cheating and neglecting.

Malaysian First: Najib is making a big mistake by listening to Mahathir in choosing Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali. So now, Umno and Perkasa are one. And Najib is going to pay for it in GE13.

Kairos: Do not be fooled by this pseudo change of heart by Zulkifli. A leopard will not change its spots. Once elected into power, this ultra racist will become even more radical and dangerous.

They all have sinister hidden agendas to champion their religious bigotry at the expense of other races and religion. Najib is too weak to rein them in.

So our spineless caretaker PM has to give in to these religious radicals. Reject them for the sake of peace and racial harmony in the country.

Apolitical Observer: I regret to write this but at this point of time I have to - there are racist politicians in both sides of the divide.

The difference is the Chinese DAP racists behave like a pure saints on the outside but they are nasty devilish racist on the inside. The Umno racists behave like devilish racist on the outside but many of them are not really racist on the inside.

I rather befriend a devil that shows that he is a devil than a devil that pretends like an angel.

Indian Prophet: I am shocked by the words Najib utter, he once considered himself to Barack Obama's personality type and now his words tell me one thing - that he knows and fears something and that they are going to lose this general election big time.

Even Mahathir's body language says this and is very fearful. It proves that they know that PAS has got the Chinese full backing for the first time in history.

Clever Voter: It is so incredible these liars would even swore to win popular votes. Even the blind, dead or dumb can see through them.

But in all fairness, there will be gullible people who would be suckers. Hopefully there would be far fewer this time.

Cala: Najib, don't put words into Zulkifli's mouth. To most people, words are important as they represent the thoughts of the person uttering those words. Unless a person is insane, a person speaks and acts coherently, consistently and logically.

In Zulkifli's case, his unbecoming remarks on the Indian community have been consistent with his official role as the vice-president of right-wing racist group Perkasa.

On what basis, can one assume that he has changed for the better?

Bender: Zul championing the Indian issues? What is this, the joke of century?

Here's a message to our Indian friends: If you want to get screwed big time for another five years, go on ahead kiss the guy. But if you want change, stick with incumbent Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

Just Me: Just imagine - Zul appointed to take care of Indian welfare and Ibrahim Ali appointed to take care of Chinese welfare. Now what is MCA, Gerakan and MIC going to do now?

Retnam: When Najib implements the Hindraf-BN memorandum of understanding (MOU), he will create a special unit for Indian affairs in the PM's Department.

Zul Noordin will head that unit. P Waythamoorthy will be the Hindraf representative in it and he will be chief ‘mandore' of Zul Noordin. Karma works in strange ways.

Indians should give Zul the kiss of death

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