Who's the fourth suspect in Dhamendran murder?

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YOURSAY 'I don't think the missing suspect would be hiding now if all four had been arrested much earlier and not given desk jobs.'

Three cops charged with murdering Dhamendran

your say Not Confused: Another case of too little, too late to save the reputation of the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police).

It is good that these three thugs have been charged and will hopefully receive the full weight of the law on conviction.

However, as far as the police force in general is concerned, there is nothing "commendable" about those in charge and many in their charge (I am sorry for those in the ranks, many of whom no doubt do have some integrity).

The entire PDRM is now and should remain under microscopic view until their reputation is raised to an acceptable level. I fear this will take many years of hard work though.

Precious Pearl: I was going to say "too little too late" as usual, except that someone beat me to it. All the remarks thus far show how much faith the public has in this sandiwara (drama).

So, we hope we can be proved wrong once in a while. It would be a nice change. Finally, I agree that PKR vice-president N Surendren should get the credit for this statement (I won't say justice just yet).

Ferdtan: AG Abdul Gani Patail, what kept you so long for a simple case like this? If you want to claim credit, they should be charged much earlier.

Thanks to the opposition and the netizens who criticised the delay in charging the suspects in the murder of N Dhamendran, the authorities are now taking action.

This is a good start. With bated breath, let us wait for the outcome of the whole affair to see whether justice can be done for Dhamendran's family.

Knowing from past experiences, I can't help being cynical. We just don't trust our institutions anymore. They have lost all credibility.

Mahashitla: Since this is a murder case, the three accused should be remanded pending investigations, with no bail granted.

The missing fourth suspect does not sound good as he may cause the chain of evidence to be broken and inconclusive. There is no reason for him not to be found and we hope this is not deliberate.

Cala: Speculation on the identity of the fourth accused. First, he is a police officer, but chose to go into hiding. Second, he is not a police officer, but a special agent. Third, he is neither of the two categories, but a member of a public.

Bear in mind that a police station is not a public place where any Tom, Dick or Harry may enter. So in order "to uphold the integrity of the police", the missing person must be reporded. Otherwise, where are accountability, integrity, and efficiency?

PB Win: The one still at large is also a police officer, I don't think he would be hiding now if all four had been arrested much earlier and not given desk jobs.

Will the police allow other murder suspects to go home and wait till their investigation is over and come back to be arrested?

Wira: Who is the fourth guy? Why is he not named? If a suspect is missing or has absconded, isn't he a fugitive? Why the necessity to protect his identity?

Pemerhati: Up to now the police have been routinely murdering people in custody and in cold blood in fake encounters because they know that they would be protected by their superiors.

There is therefore no reason for the police killers to go into hiding after committing the murderers. Thus it is surprising to learn that the police were not able to get hold of the fourth suspect and charge him at the same time.

Is he going to play a key role in what will almost certainly be a sandiwara ?

Anonymous #02382443: Hopefully, this is a serious attempt to send a very strong signal to the people in this and other cases, that one cannot bully and take the lives of helpless person while in custody, regardless of whatever crime they may have committed.

Let us see whether there will be a serious attempt to investigate so that the truth will prevail. No cover up please if the authorities want to look credible.

Geronimo: Abdul Gani, stop being self-righteous. If it had not been for the constant public pressure, you would not be "committed to dealing with any alleged wrongdoing leading to the death of Dhamendran in accordance with the law".

What about Teoh Beng Hock's death? What about Kugan's death? What about Ahmad Sarbani's death? All no further action (NFA)?

Jesse: It may well be just a charade due to public pressure. Let's see if the prosecution is conducted competently.

They can do otherwise and the police officers involved could be acquitted just like political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda in the case of murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu. The test of the pudding is in the eating.

More action needed before perception can change

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