Which part of the constitution says all must vote for BN?

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YOURSAY 'I wonder whether this group understands the purpose of an ‘election'. If you chose to be stupid, don't impose your stupidity on others.'

NGOs want PM to rescind promises on Chinese schools

your say Sarajun Hoda: Wasn't PM Najib Razak's promises based on BN getting back the people's mandate? Or did he really ask the Chinese, that it must be a Chinese mandate in order to fulfil those promises?

Furthermore, Malaysians might support the abolition of vernacular schools if Umno ceases to become a racist party. A pot cannot call a kettle black, can it?

Before anyone proposes reconciliation, do it with sincerity. Malaysians have politically woken up.

Ideas from such NGOs such as Gabungan NGO Melayu-Islam is only good for fools who read Utusan Malaysia and The Star and watches RTM and TV3.

Ourvotesdecide: To Gabungan NGO Melayu-Islam, I want to ask: Where in our federal constitution or our election laws is it stated that Malaysians must vote BN?

I wonder also whether this group understands the meaning and purpose of an "election". If you chose to be stupid, be stupid yourself, don't impose your stupidity on others.

Mushiro: The Malays in Kelantan and Selangor did not vote for Umno. In Selangor, Pakatan gained eight additional state seats.

So close all the Malay-medium schools and religious schools in these two states. Punish the Chinese and 60 percent of the Malays.

Born free: Is GE13 over? Why must these so-called NGOs keep on fanning racial flames? It is time to start a new chapter for better Malaysia without all these racial rhetoric.

Bamboo: It's Chinese's democratic right to vote for whichever party they like. Also the Chinese didn't promise to vote BN.

Instead, Najib promised many things that he hasn't started to fulfill yet. These NGOs are just out to create mischief. Get a real job, don't be the subcontractor to carry out Umno's racist fire-fanning job.

LogicalMalaysian: Now you know why more and more are turning to the opposition. When these jokers have a free ride to what clearly amounts to sedition and the Umno-led government plays double-standards and political games, more will continue to turn away from BN.

With the demise of MCA, Gerakan and PPP, and with MIC on the way out, you don't need a crystal ball to know it is also a matter of time for Umno to follow suit.

MY Kee: To Gabungan NGO Melayu-Islam: You have made two very good points which is to "empower the teaching and use of English as an international language", and "encourage the study of Arabic, Mandarin, Tamil and other languages of commerce and trade".

Why do you think parents send their children to vernacular and private schools?

12345: The Chinese didn't promise to vote for BN. Najib tried to buy votes from the Chinese by making all sort of promises. So don't blame the Chinese for BN losing the popular votes.

Does Najib dare to rescind all his pre-election promises? Let him try. Surely he wanted to be PM for the whole Malaysia and not East Malaysia only.

If he takes up what the Malay-Muslim coalition is saying, it will show that he is not fit to be PM.

What4: How can the Chinese, Malays, Indian and others promise anything when their votes are secret? They did not promise anything.

It was the politicians who gave and promised in order to make the rakyat vote for them. But still, it is the rakyat's right and freedom as to whom to vote for.

Bert: The coalition of Malay-Muslim NGOs are behaving like Standard Six school children. As a matter of fact, some Standard Six students behave better then them.

These NGOs have forgotten what democracy is. They have forgotten the one-man-one-vote principle and that the vote is secret.

The 51 percent percent of the voters who voted for the opposition made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, etc.

Akutuan: My uncle and his wife, both of whom are 80 years old, voted for BN. Their rationale was that they wanted peace.

Today, after the media reports of certain idiot BN politicians making brainless statements, both of them wish they will still alive to vote in GE14. You know why? Your guess is a good as mine.

Hplooi: I believe the language chauvinists on both sides of the divide were peas in the same pod. They need one another to survive (more so for Umno as the NEP develops - just my theory so don't hammer me for this) and the English liberal schools present the most medium to long-term danger to the ‘ketuanan' ideology.

If a genuine national school system is to be developed with meritocracy as the basis, then I believe the majority of Malaysians irrespective of race will gravitate towards national schools (whether in Malay, Tamil or English).

Therefore to blame the Chinese schools as wholly responsible for our education malaise is irresponsible to say the least.

Dzulkefly Ahmad: To those bigots, how about the Malays in Kelantan and Selangor, and also significant minority in Terengganu and Kedah who rejected the corrupt Umno and BN?

Must Najib also rescind promises made to them? Najib better fulfill all his pre-election promises (Janji Ditepati) or get voted out in the next GE.

Concerned Public: Who are these Malay NGOs? I am a Malay and I am ashamed of what they are saying. That is why Malays can never succeed because they have 'hati sempit' - always jealous of other people, even their kin.

Pimai2tangtu: These racist NGOs must demand the Umno government not to collect any direct and indirect taxes from the Chinese and all other Malaysians who did not support BN.

They must also demand all Umno members and supporters to pay every single sen of their income tax so that money from Umno members and supporters will be used for themselves.

Hello, democracy is about voting for whoever you like

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