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Perhaps tell Razak Baginda to return the loot first

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YOURSAY ‘Rowena, since you seem concerned with fairness to the majority, perhaps you could convince a certain Razak Baginda to return the lucre.'

Razak Baginda's daughter spars with NGO over race

your say Vijay47: Whatever Ms Rowena Razak's credentials, whether she is racist or not, whether she is Western-educated or not, I cannot understand her question, profound and intellectual as it may sound.

Where in Malaysia is there any effort by the minority to rule over the majority, let alone the need for the majority to be protected by the minority?

As I read it, the objective is to form a government that represents all the races and institutes programmes for the benefit of yes, all the races.

At the same time, there is the hope that the blatant corruption, abuses, and discrimination of more than 50 years will be brought to an end.

Included in this goal is the ridding of the practice of giving out more than RM500 million to persons who only qualifications appear to be some intimacy with Umno leaders.

Since you seem concerned with fairness to the majority, Ms Rowena, perhaps you could convince a certain Razak Baginda to return the lucre he and associates stole from the nation. After all, fair is fair.

Onyourtoes: I always maintained that the battle in Malaysia today is not so much about race and religion.

It is always between the vested interest groups and the people. It is always between the beneficiaries of corruption and the common people. It is always between the ruling elites as well as their cronies and the common people.

It is always between the informed and the uninformed, between the aware and the ignorance and between the cleaver and the nincompoop. We know which side this daughter of his infamous father belongs to.

This is what I often termed as blatantly and rampantly abusing their privileges and positions. You see, these people who were the beneficiaries of corruption, cronyism and nepotism (KKN) have never feel remorse or ashamed.

They have inadvertently thought that it was their capability and ingenuity that brought them to where they are today. You know these people if without the connection and the largesse of the government, could not even earn a ringgit on their own.

This are so many insults I want to hurl at them. Yes, don't for a minute think that because you can speak eloquently and are culturally astute, you are somebody.

Pemerhati: Rowena's question indicates that she is or would make a good member of Perkasa, Malaysia's Ku Klux Klan.

She cited an example from the Middle East where most of the governments are dictatorships and where the dictators there treat some of their citizens unfairly and cruelly.

In proper democracies like say the United States or India, the leaders are selected in free and fair elections by all ethnic and religious groups and sometimes the people of the majority groups select capable leaders from the minority group to govern them.

Malaysia in fact is also a dictatorship where the Umnoputras hold on to power through fraudulent elections and currently steal the people's money at the rate of about a billion dollars per week.

They try to hold on to power by trying to influence the majority Malays with their racist rhetoric but many have wised up to these crooks and voted against them in the recent elections.

BN now only has support from a minority of the electorate and is an illegitimate government.

Aries46: Why does Rowena need the majority to be protected by the minority? Isn't it the other way round universally where the majority empowers the minority for the latter's self-protection?

Anyway, aren't all of us equal citizens according the constitution? And haven't 51 percent of Malaysians rejected BN's racist divide-and-rule policies in GE13?

So what majority race protection is this women babbling about? She seem to be stuck in her father's 'ketuanan' era of wine, women, song and illicit wealth.

And for all her nonsensical braying, she's unable to differentiate our multicultural, multiracial and multi-religious society with the Sunni/Shiite religious sects in Bahrain.

And someone mentioned that she is foreign educated. I certainly hope it was not at the expense of the long-suffering taxpayers.

Appum: I read and re-read Rowena's question and statement, and I just can't make head or tail out of it. Am I daft or is she an Einstein?

My conclusion is that her international schooling has made her brazen and bold enough to make a statement in public even if it is a senseless and flawed one and her upbringing and parents' infamy and being on the run had produced a confused mind.

In a way, I feel sorry for her. But she's still young and hopefully will eventually mature mentally and emotionally. We have to be fair to her. She should not be held accountable for her father's misdeed.

Cantabrigian: I don't see the point why Malaysiakini is making a story out this small issue. If what she did was not right or proper, why do we need to link her action with her father?

Her question may sound silly to some, but she has a valid point: would the demographic in Tindak Malaysia reflect the NGO's intention to act on behalf of all Malaysians?

If the NGO is dominated by a certain part of the Malaysian society, which in this case the minority groups of Malaysia, shouldn't it be called Tindak Minoriti rather than Tindak Malaysia?

Making fun of Rowena does not make us any cleverer than her.

SusahKes: Rowena, let's put it in perspective. How about "how can the majority ensure justice for the minority?"

The murder of your dad's lover is but an example. The guys sentenced for the crime have no motive, but they are the ones facing the gallows.

In Umno's way of running things - in which your dad was clearly established to be an errand boy (one who also enjoyed the attractions) - the majority rides roughshod over the minority.

If you deem that Tindak Malaysia isn't representing Malaysia just because on that day, less than 10 percent of the audience were Malay, then you should also aim your question at Bersih and Black 505 rally participants - I'm pretty sure the Malays were in significant numbers on rally days.

While you're at it, do you feel any compassion for Altantuya Shaariibuu? Her family is still looking for answers. That's where your dad's close friends in the system have failed.

Look no further than your daddy - he's a product of that system.

AnakPinang: Although a product of an international education, Rowena has not moved beyond the confines of viewing the world through racial lenses.

Unfortunate, but true, it is the wealthy Malays who have the most to lose if privileges are taken away from them, not the poor Malay majority.

Rowena continues her father's tradition of smoke and mirrors as befits an Umno crony.

Don't blame Rowena for her father's sins

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