Bail for rapists and thieves, but not for Alvivi

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YOURSAY 'I don't like what these two have done, but there are also others who have done worse and they were instead publicly endorsed by ministers.'

No bail for Alvivi an 'overkill', say lawyers

your say RK: One can get bail for stealing, corruption, even murder and rape (and sometimes acquitted too) but uploading a senseless ‘bak kut teh' picture, and you get no bail?

They are doing this to ‘teach' a lesson to the non-Muslims I guess, but by doing this, the people will lose respect for Muslims.

I don't think Satan or whatever will come to us at the end the world, not even a comet or fire from hell, but it is us humans who will destroy one another.

My4hope: Thanks to the lawyers for speaking out. We really need more genuine Muslims' voices on this matter.

Even if the duo's deed had offended Muslims in general, denying their bail is simply way too much. Double standard and selective prosecution is evidently being practised.

Cala: After the 13th general election, the modus operandi has been to go after the dissenters. From the reading of this news report, all past findings of similar cases do not lend weight to the court in imposing a no-bail decision on the duo.

If that is the case, one can only conclude that certain political forces are at work, bent to punish the Chinese for deserting the Umno-led BN coalition in droves. We are now made to believe the independence of the judiciary has been compromised.

Dumbo: What sort of judges are we appointing in this country who do not even use their discretion judiciously and who blindly accept arguments of the public prosecutor? It is sad to see even the judiciary descending to the sewer levels. This is really disappointing.

Vgeorgemy: While we condemn any action to belittle any religion or race, we also condemn the attorney-general's (AG) selective persecution.

Bash: We call for the duo to be charged, but it must include all the others, irrespective of who they are, who have violated the laws. And please mete out punishment squarely and fairly.

When was the last time in Malaysia where a minister had been charged? As I recall it was back in the 1970s, and I don't mean people like Anwar Ibrahim who was politically fixed.

Touche: Here in Malaysia, non-Malays are guilty until you are able to show you are innocent or you can bribe your way out.

Survivor: Whilst we do not condone any act of demeaning the faith of others, the fact is that different people have different idea or ways of protesting against the government of the day. Any perceived wrong committed by any individual should be viewed as innocent until proven guilty.

The same goes with Alvivi and there should be no exception. Such harsh and draconian punishment is beyond the bounds of human understanding and acceptance. Therefore instead of punishing the couple, they may unwittingly create a hero out of them.

Ukinana: Overkill or not, I personally think that this couple should be taught a lesson. Let them reflect on their actions while in prison.

P Dev Anand Pillai: The court has all the rights to grant bail or otherwise, perhaps the higher court may differ and release them on bail but the crux here is these young folks have to realise that posting your homemade sexual escapades on the Internet is not something that Malaysian society can stomach, no matter how technology savvy we are.

Anonymous #49160111: Alvivi may have been insensitive and did wrong. But no bail? It's like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

Rayte: I don't like what these two have done, but there are also others who have done worse and they were instead publicly endorsed by ministers. Where's is the logic?

Abu Hasan Adam: We don't agree that what Alvivi have done is correct - wrong is still wrong. But what is being questioned is the fairness in their treatment.

Supercession: Umno is clearly intent on persecuting Alvivi as a way of conveying to all non-Muslims, particularly the Chinese, that retribution is due to them for daring to not support BN in GE13.

The persecution of Alvivi is also part of Umno's sinister scheme to incite its thugs, fanatics, vigilante groups and assorted shadowy figures to create racial and religious unrest that will intensify and stretch till GE14, with the hope that the Chinese, if they survive the ‘pogrom', will be sufficiently intimidated by then to crawl back to Umno and kiss its stinking feet.

Just wait for all this to unfold further.

ABU_sed!!: Do we really expect otherwise from this present regime? Nothing is beyond them.

Armchair Newspaper: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad should lament about not using the ISA to lock up Alvivi.

Perkasa might say that Malays and Islam in Malaysia IS (note my intended grammatical non-error) under threat because the opposition has a secret pact with the Holy See to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.

Meanwhile, PKR and PAS keep their silence for political expediency and the enlightened Muslim scholars, including Anwar Ibrahim, would not speak up for what is ultimately and fundamentally the question that should define Malaysia - is the constitution still supreme and do we still practice the rule of law?

Cendol Bean: And a prominent politician's husband who siphoned RM250 million ‘duit rakyat' meant for cows but went to condos instead is not only allow bail but can travel overseas.

I am a Muslim but I still believe these two idiots should be out on bail. Shame that all this is happening in the holy month of Ramadan.

SpongeBob: What a childish move by the court for not granting bail. It looks like someone has a personal agenda to achieve rather than following the letter and precedent of the law. People in the administration of justice are making a mockery of our legal system.

Tehachapi: Now every single issue has become a potential threat to national security and racial and religious harmony. Are we afraid of our own shadows? Since when have Malaysians become such a wicked people?

Dudeno: The people have lost faith in the democratic system. The people have also lost faith in law enforcement. When people lose faith in the judiciary, what else do they have left?

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