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No S'wak Report, Husam moots 'Kg Report' instead
Published:  Jul 20, 2015 6:43 AM
Updated: 7:20 AM

PAS vice-president Husam Musa wants the 'sins' of 1MDB to reach all corners of the nation, and suggested the setting up of a fund for the printing and distribution cost.

He said since Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is afraid the 1MDB scandal would be known by the people, then efforts must be doubled to ensure the information reaches all levels.

He pointed out some have not been exposed to the internet and require 'hard copies'.

"Printing and distribution of material must be started. This will incur a slight expense but information is the key to people rising up," he said in a statement.

Therefore, the Salor assemblyperson suggested that a special fund be set up and vowed to be the first contributor.

He also urged Gerakan Harapan Baru, which consists of PAS progressive leaders, to start the initiative.

" Sarawak Report blocked, we replace it with 'Kampung Report' for the entire rakyat who love this nation," he added.

'Bugis warrior raises white flag'

As for the government's decision to block access to Sarawak Report , Husam said the Najib administration has raised the white flag.

"Najib's failure to answer with facts the allegations in Sarawak Report sees the 'Bugis warrior' forced to use his powers to prevent Malaysians from accessing the site," he added.

Husam was referring to the prime minister's reference to his Bugis heritage and claim that the blood of warriors courses through his veins.

Najib had made the remarks when stressing that he would not bow to pressure for him to step down.

Husam also said Najib cannot close the "open sky (internet) with a coconut shell" and is confident that new information on 1MDB would continue to flow to "haunt the sinners".

Meanwhile, PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man ( photo ) also criticised the move to bar Sarawak Report.

He said the move would prompt the people to seek information contained in the website.

Tuan Ibrahim said those who felt Sarawak Report had made libelous allegations should file a defamation suit against the website.

The PAS leader also disagreed with the official argument that Sarawak Report is causing instability in the nation.

"It was actually 1MDB and how its repayment was made that had caused issues to the nation’s stability," he said in a statement.

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