YOURSAY ‘So, suspend, arrest, threaten, bully. It won't work. You lose, not us.’


Edge Weekly, Financial Daily suspended


Kim Quek: The Edge Media Group has performed its noblest duty to the nation by fearlessly exposing the greatest robbery of public funds in our history, for which it now suffers an unjust repressive reprisal of having its publishing permits suspended for three months.  


Fortunately, The Edge would continue to soldier on with its professional duties and its works are accessible in its several digital platforms.


It is now the turn of all Malaysians to give The Edge our fullest moral and material support which should include diligently reading its websites and making full use of its advertising facilities.


United as one people, we will persevere until victory is at hand to bring real changes to the country.


Negarawan: The United States, Swiss, Singapore, and the United Kingdom governments need to start investigations into fraud and money laundering involving 1MDB, and freeze the assets of the prime suspects.


This is the only way to debunk the concoctions and hidden agenda of the Umno government.


If the US Treasury Department confirms the authenticity of the documents referred in The Wall Street Journal report, it will be impossible for Umno to deny it and continue to propagate its "tampered documents" narrative.


Let's hope the foreign embassies are in close communication with their governments, and to push for federal investigations urgently.


Abasir: Seriously now, is anyone really shocked or surprised? Haven't all God-fearing Malaysians exhausted that feeling when news of RM2.6 billion allegedly lodged in someone's personal bank accounts hit international headlines?


And someone's obviously tampered with the Home Ministry letter to The Edge which should read, "prejudicial or likely to be prejudicial to Umno, its leaders or likely to alarm Umno members or is likely to be prejudicial to Umno's interests and the interest of its funders".


Gotcha: The good get punished and the bad go free. Who is to be blamed? We ourselves, as we voted for them to govern the country.


Kamikasi: The country has lost the moral ground to be a developed nation. Sadly we have come to accept dishonesty and looting as the way forward.


Now it has come to, "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be distorted and used against you."


Justice Pao: Instead of going after the real criminals, Umno decided that it is best to shut down the whistleblower of the crime. The truth hurts Umno big time.


Malaysian 53: A typical failed state mentality. This is the result of a home minister who is more interested in saving Najib's and Umno's skin rather than the country.


The Edge has more concern for Malaysia than the scoundrels from Umno. We will soon see the demise of Umno and their cousins from BN and PAS, too.


Gggg: My son's ambition is to become an investigative reporter. I guess now he can see the finest example.


Dalvik: All this for exposing the truth and nothing but the truth? So far no evidence has shown that The Edge lied to people.


On the other hand, what about those papers that keep telling fabricated stories, told lies and propagated racist ideology? Come on, Malaysian government, you can do better than this.


FutureMalaysians: It is sad. Truth, sincerity, honesty, integrity do not exist any more and transparency is zero. I have nothing more to say.


Hytan: It is a very high-handed intimidation from the Home Ministry. If the people implicated in the The Edge reports felt they were defamed, they can sue The Edge for libel/defamation.


The Edge has not done anything detrimental to the public and national interest. As a matter of fact, The Edge is protecting the financial interests of the country.


Haveagreatday: Here we go again. The Umnoputras persecuting those who dare to publish information about their scandals.


They forgot this is 2015; such moves are no longer a sure way of preventing more information reaching those who are keen to know the truth.


Speaking Sense: Insanity is the sign of a dying regime. Now every poacher in the ruling mafia knows it is open season to shoot what they can before the rangers come.


Your Conscience: The more sickening rubbish you do, the more you lose. So, suspend, arrest, threaten, bully. Sorry, it won't work. You lose, not us.


Maplesyrup: Is this the kind of government to take us into 2020? Persecution of whistleblowers while the tainted leader is not being questioned nor asked to give proper answers?


Those who voted for BN - the Felda smallholders and Perkasa and Isma members - may feel that their position is secured, but one day, it will be your turn because for as long as the leopards do not change their spots, they will be looking for preys to devour. 

Today it is The Edge , who knows whose turn will be next? A very sad day for Malaysians.


Armchair Newspaper: The crackdown has begun. All the best, Malaysiakini !

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