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‘Let's see what our PM is really made of’

YOURSAY ‘ No retraction from WSJ. So, how now? Do the Najib thing? Say nothing.’


Dow Jones tells PM's lawyers to school client


Roar For Truth: Umno lawyer Mohd Hafarizam Harun should write another letter to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) lawyers to explain their reply, since the terminology and phrases used are even more confusing than the original WSJ news article.


How to expect their client to understand their reply? The arrogant Yankees are repeating their claim that Hafarizam’s client received RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts.


Anonymous 731691434514996: No retraction from WSJ. No apology. So, how now? Do the Najib thing? Say nothing. Do nothing. Pretend it is not there?


Sali Tambap: To be told in no uncertain term of the basic of news reporting by a foreign news company is a terrible loss of face.


We, as Malaysians, no doubt are shameful and offended, as the brunt of this comment being directed at no other than the PM himself, albeit through his legal team.


But perhaps, this unpleasant episode is a necessity, to bring down to earth the shameless attitude of our ruling government and its machinery in bullying the dissenting voices within.


For too long, too much power is being abused in stifling the effort of people who try to bring to light the corrupt practices of our government officials and politicians, from the PM downward.


The WSJ is not within their control, and one who do not take too kindly of being treated like a child. For once, the PM and his minions, like the bullies they are, have met their match who look at them in the eyes and dare them to make the first blow.


Let's see what our PM is really made of.


Existential Turd: It would be hilarious if it wasn't our PM being humiliated. He, as PM, represents Malaysia, and all Malaysians, whether the majority elected him or not.


I feel ashamed to be represented by such idiocy and arrogant stupidity. He and his lawyers thought they were clever in framing the questions to WSJ. They thought they could rope in WSJ into exonerating him indirectly. But WSJ is no fool.


In the end, WSJ spun them back so hard, they are now spinning like a top. Compared to the century-old publication, they are just school kids. How they wish they could simply haul up the editor or the owner for questioning.


All they know is bully tactics. Everyone can see the emperor is naked, only he and his sycophants think otherwise.


Magnus: If the allegations about the RM2.6 billion reported to have been wired into Najib's bank accounts having been used for illegal political party funding to buy votes are true, then Najib or any of the current BN MPs cannot have been legitimately elected into Parliament (and Najib subsequently appointed as a legitimate PM for another term) by the minority or majority of the voting electorate.


That is backed up by some sharp person on another thread in Malaysiakini who said that if you were to divvy up the RM2.6 billion of 1MDB public monies alleged to have gone into Najib's bank accounts by the sum of money legally allowed to be spent per parliamentary seat under the current election laws, then that hived-off RM2.6 billion would, this person said, cover more than 5,000 parliamentary seats.


Since the WSJ believes what they published clearly "speak for themselves" and that any other conjecture by Najib and his half-baked lawyers would be "misplaced and baseless" since what the WSJ wrote was a fair and accurate summary of current events based on facts and a reasonable and realistic understanding of those facts, I am surprised the WSJ responded at all, and that they also did within the imposed deadline.


That shows a remarkable level of courtesy on their part and I suppose that is why the WSJ is the trusted and professional source of news it is, unlike the clearly untrustworthy and unprofessional gutter trash propaganda peddlers like New Straits Times or Utusan Malaysia .


Restless: Hafarizam, if I were a lawyer I would not take a case knowing well it will cast aspersions on my intelligence as a human being. I may make abundance today but the implication on my future credibility in the industry and damage to my personal reputation is definitely irreplaceable.


Politicians come and go but not my relationship with God, my reputation I built over the years, my family’s honour as well my future generation, these invaluable, immeasurable and unquantifiable jewels can’t be traded with any tangible benefits.


Eyespye: You see, news portals and opposition politicians and cartoonists like Zunar keep getting blamed for embarrassing or lampooning the prime minister and his wife. But I think it's sufficiently clear that PM Najib manages to do all of that himself.


Rojak: One thing puzzling me is that despite its huge resources, allegedly augmented by vast corruption, the government cannot find lawyers, spokesmen or cyberbloggers of even average ability.


Has all the money been wasted so fast that they can only pay peanuts and consequently only get incompetents and desperados to work for them?


SemoLina: “Dow Jones, we have been directed by our client to tell you not to be ever so condescending and patronising in your reply to our letter.


“We would also have you know our client is a fierce Bugis warrior and a close golfing buddy of your President Barack Obama. For your own good and safety, we would advise you not to trifle with our client.”


Hang Babeuf: Next week it will again be time for a lawyers' letter, as follows:


"Dear Bloomberg , did you really say and mean last week what you clearly said and meant then? I will give you two weeks to reply.


“If it turns out that you did say and mean what I think you said and meant then - whether or not you answer this letter - I will stamp my foot angrily on the ground. Here in Kuala Lumpur. On Malay soil, which we are prepared to defend 'to the last drop etc. etc.'


“And the whole Malay world here will see me do so. Especially our 3.5 million loyal Umno members. Remember that big number, it's bigger than RM2.6 billion (well, I think so anyway). And they will not only cheer when I stamp my foot. They will feel vindicated.


“The righteousness of our cause, and of our people's feelings, will have been demonstrated. And it will be reported fully in Utusan . So there! Take that! Berkhidmat untuk negara dan pemimpinnya!

"P.S. If you refuse to respond to this letter, that will mean you are guilty."

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